ASEAN People have mental and emotional disorders?

The rapidly changing social conditions lead to those who are unable to adapt to psychological and emotional problems. Public health therefore integrates regional cooperation to enhance holistic care for schizophrenic patients. The rapid change has made people unable to adapt in time. Until experiencing mental and emotional problems. Especially schizophrenia (Schizophrenia).

Currently, the population of ASEAN countries, more than 1 million out of 650 million people with schizophrenia. While at least 400,000 Thai people are suffering from the said disease as well. The main agenda of the conference in 2019 focuses on schizophrenia. And gaps in the treatment of patients It focuses on bringing real-world evidence of therapeutic information to improve public health decisions and focuses on improving the patient experience through the use of innovations or modern technology for holistic care.

In social terms, even if the patient has relieved symptoms. But society still has negative feelings about schizophrenia, making it difficult for some patients to return to society. Schizophrenia patients who are ill for a long time may have social skills and the ability to think is reduced. Affecting the return to life But can be restored with the help of medical personnel This problem requires cooperation from many parties in understanding society with the disease that better treatment can now help patients to get better. At the same time, patients and relatives must cooperate in treatment.

In addition, the society understands that at present, 70 million Thai people are already suffering from schizophrenia, at least 400,000 people. We are unable to exclude these people from society. A good way is understanding and sympathy to live happily together. Patients, after continuous treatment, their symptoms will coexist well. And some people can work As for those with bad symptoms, help each other to take treatment early, so that the good ones will be returned.

4 ways to care for schizophrenic patients

  1. Close relatives, there are relatives to take care Use family therapy Ready to talk and share feelings with each other. And observe the warning symptoms of patients before bringing to see a doctor
  2. Get medicine. Keeping patients on a regular basis is the most important thing. In order to improve the patient’s condition Should give the patient continuous medication
  3. Come by appointment, have the patient come to treat the symptoms as the doctor appointed every time without missing an appointment
  4. Eliminate drugs, avoid using all kinds of drugs Both alcohol and drugs Although the nature of most schizophrenia is chronic But if able to care for the patient to comply with these methods Will make the patient’s condition better Without relapse Has a high chance of disappearing Including having a better quality of life

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