The Three Kingdoms of the Hong Kong Crisis?

The Three Kingdoms of the Hong Kong Crisis When Carryum thinks about inviting Dong Zhuo to enter the city. The situation in Hong Kong is becoming increasingly unreliable …

On October 8, picked up Kw Kw-him, one of Hong Kong’s ministers. And Chinese politicians gave an interview to AFP, saying that “the government does not ward off the possibility of cutting the internet” because the internet is an important tool for protesters. Because the protests do not have a leader, but coordinated through online forums. And an encryption application to send messages mobilized.

This news seems to be the opinion of one person and the big media does not report much. But it was a signal that should be watched Not sure that the Hong Kong government’s next move may not be able to fully ignore it.

In the following temple, October 9, Carry Hong Kong, Chief Executive of Hong Kong, announced as usual. But came out saying “At this point, I still strongly believe that we can find a solution for ourselves. And it is also the position of the central government (in Beijing) that Hong Kong should solve the problem by yourself But if the situation is very bad Otherwise it would not be possible to reject other options if at least we want to give Hong Kong another chance. “

This attitude is a step by step installation. Beginning with passing the ban on wearing masks in assembly Followed by a clue about cutting the internet signal And followed by saying that it did not cut the possibility of inviting soldiers. But the Carry Aum said the word “Give the opportunity to Hong Kong again” is a very interesting thing. What does it mean?

Is it possible that this was the last chance before China came to manage itself? Because if the Hong Kong authorities don’t have the intelligence to overcome chaos After that, the decisive measure is to cut the internet signal. And ordered the People’s Liberation Army into China

that means China will no longer hold Hong Kong as an economic center Because cutting the internet signal will badly affect the business sector And bringing Chinese soldiers to quell riot equal to “Invite Dong Zhuo to the table” In the Three Kingdoms turmoil in the capital Luoyang their ten attendants were great (actually, there are 12 people) dominates the emperor. At that time, the Han Dynasty was still threatened by the Yellow Turban Rebel.

The arguing aristocrat said to the emperor that the ten eunuchs of corruption use their powers to cause the rebellion. But the emperor refused to obey the warning. The land caused chaos throughout. The nobles could not resist the ten eunuchs and riots. One of the nobles, Ho Jin, decided to invite Dong Zhuo to conquer the ten eunuchs.

But borrowing Dong Zhuo’s hand is a dangerous decision. Because Dong Zhuo is famous for his cruelty And then as When the revolt in the capital was completed, Dong Zhuo refused to return. Seizing power in Lok Yong city. After that, Liang Yong is not Liang Yong anymore. While also being set by the table robbery Then moved the capital to bed with.

The Chinese army is Dong Zhuo. Hong Kong is probably Yong Liang. And Shenzhen can be compared to an An The new capital that will replace Hong Kong in economy and finance

This is just the imagination of the author mixed with the Three Kingdoms novel. The protesters are not like the ten eunuchs. But were creating conditions like those of the ten eunuchs, and Carry Carlium began to despair, saying Does not cut the possibility of inviting “Dong Zhuo”. However, the chances that Carry Lum will act like Ho Jin. Invited Dong Zhuo to burn that city very little And the Chinese government does not want to act like Dong Zhuo and burn Hong Kong like Lu Yong

Compared Liang Yong to the bed of the Three Kingdoms period Burning Liang Yong and then moving to a bed that is not considered waste Because the bed has superior factors That is a strategic trading point on the Silk Road. Currently, An An is the city of Xi’an. And Liang Yong is Luoyang. We can see that Xi’an is still a bustling city. Luoyang is quiet as a cemetery

In the latter, there was much talk about letting Hong Kong go by itself. And make Shenzhen the option instead And the Chinese government does not keep this ambition. On August 18, announced the goal to upgrade Shenzhen to International Innovation City by 2025 is a model for socialist development by 2035, and is a standard city for global potential, innovation and influence by 2050.

To sum up, it was Shenzhen that Hong Kong’s international level would be equivalent to the year 2050 and moving to Hong Kong to Shenzhen. Therefore not as easy as moving Liang Yong to bed An Because Hong Kong has one factor that foreign companies accept more than Shenzhen, that is “freedom.”

But in the long run, is there a choice? Because the tendency of Hong Kong to be stuck in the violence and resist harder According to a survey conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 600 people from Hong Kong believe in non-violent protests, down to 70% in September, down from 83% in a survey last month. August

That means Hong Kong people are less tolerant. And agree with more violent protests. If the trend looks like this Hong Kong is no longer useful in the eyes of China. Must be decisively organized one day But on that day, we still cannot guess. Of course, Carry Carry as “Ho Jin” who invited Dong Zhuo to come in Must certainly be hated by Hong Kong citizens The size that cannot be shared in the world (At least it is difficult to roam in Hong Kong) as the Ho Jin was killed by the eunuchs and eunuchs.

In strategic terms The movement in Hong Kong has a goal that is too high. By looking for partners outside the city Instead of finding a united front in the city That is mainland Chinese. On the contrary, Hong Kong people raise their own clauses that are considered higher than the mainland. Causing to not receive the sympathy of the mainland. Even further harming the mainland (Especially the JP Morgan employees who shouted that “We are Chinese too” ), instead of the trend towards the Communist Party spread in the mainland. The nationalist trend in mainland is getting stronger and people there hate Hong Kong more.

Of course, the people of Hong Kong do not hope for “Chinese brothers” come to help. All that has been done has been to sing for foreigners to help. Which is something that the Chinese government may not let happen already.

Some Hong Kong people, who have a big clash, think they will be able to ignite the overturning changes of the earth without indifference to the public in China. Like the ten eunuchs Think of himself as having the power to change the emperor alone. But when Dong Zhuo’s army entered the army, the city was swept. credit by

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