What is Brand Marketing Concept?

In branding & marketing strategy in the field of marketing communications all are about Marketer + Marketer + Strategist + Creative Think as the ultimate goal. This is the brand idea. To adjust the mindset for consumers to understand on the agent of change.

Marketing is to bring products to meet the right person or the business process of creating relationships with and make customers satisfying.

The Branding is bringing people who think alike to meet people who think alike.

On Brand Idea concept as

  1. Brand Essence
  2. Brand DNA.
  3. Brand Personality
  4. Brand Positioning

Every brand needs the concept and every Brand needs a Brand Idea. Enhance to the value of products through brands from Product to Brand then brand wants a goal with the purpose on…

What do we give to consumers as build long-term relationship.

Brand can be say

  • What do brands do?
  • What do brands say?

Before creating brand ideas and

  • Who do I want to say?
  • How to market, to understand who we are saying with?

Above of that will be observe on what people want and need then dig to the tension or conflict in the mind on what will be?

Unique is the presentation value of the brand, but Unique is not Product benefit, not the value of the product. But it’s what we give to our customers.

Idea: The power of thought that is intended to adjust to the old idea, planting new ideas up to change in consumer behavior.

Story telling: Media = Message


  1. Understand the situation
  2. Find real problems
  3. Dig Insight to understand
  4. Think for various solutions multi-solution
  5. Then choose an opportunity to sell
  6. Develop an idea to be a Platform tool
  7. Try to think creative without media
  8. Draw consumers to participate in engagement experiences

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