What is Lao National Flower?

Champa flowers is Lao National Flower also can call Champa (Dok Champa). People might known as Plumeria flowers or Frangipani flowers. Champa flowers are often colorful. Not only that it has to be only white, such as pink, yellow, red, or other soft colors. The Jamphuan flowers represent happiness and sincerity. It is widely used to decorate ceremonies in various ceremonies as well as to use as a garland to receive guests.

What is the use of Champa flower?
Besides having the qualities of a decorative flower, White Champa serves a dual purpose of a medicinal plant. For its medicative value, White Champa is highly admired by the elite of Ayurveda. The root bark is considered as purgative, alterative and detergent. It is used to treat blennorrhagia and herpes.

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