Kansai Day 4: Himeji and Kobe Area

This day use Kansai Thru Pass for travel. In the morning take Hankyu or Hanshin from Umeda to Himeji city. With Hanshin railway can direct to Sanyo-Himeji Station but Hankyu line have to make transfer from Shikaishi station. The transfer train is Sanyo train on Sanyo-Himeji station.

After arrive at Himeji, I go to Himeji Castle. The castle not far from the railway station. Walk to Himeji Castle about 10 – 15 minutes walk.

After walk around and get to the castle. I’m walk in the street walk back to Himeji Station. You will see product in Japan, foods, drink, cafe and bakery, 100 yen shop and more in the street but not must as Osaka or Kobe walking street.

When I come back to the train station from Himeji station then I visit another castle call Akashi Castle & Akashi Park. This castle located near Akashi station and the station is before Kobe.

From Akashi station walk to Akashi Castle about 950 meters and around ten minutes walk. Akashi Castle is free admission so you can get in and walk around.

Next place to go is Kobe Port Tower. You can get off from train at Kosoku Kobe and take a exit at gate number 27. It’s about 6 minutes walk and on the way have shop around and you can walk to Kobe Port. This is take about 10 – 20 minutes to Kobe Port Tower and around.

Another place to go is Sannomiya and around. There are Kobe China Town, Down town street walk and shopping mall around Sannomiya area. For railway you can get off at Sannomiya station.

Kobe China Town

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