Eglise des Dominicains Church of Colmar in France

Eglise des Dominicains Church is a beautiful old Gothic style church located in the old town of Colmar, not far from the Unterlinden Museum. This place is another place in the city of Colmar with a story. A long history before becoming a tourist attraction, like today

Eglise des Dominicains Church founded since 1283 was built by Rudolf I of Habsburg. Most of the construction in Dominican church usually occurred in the first half of the 14th century. This church is important of Gothic architecture. According to the orders by the Miniban Muslims who Dominicans. After Dominicans people have been expelled from the city in 1330 and during in year 1458 that the roof and Christ were damaged by fire. Thus resulting in need for the construction of new buildings in year 1720. Since in 1720, the construction of baroque or Dominican style construction could be done because church was not strict as in the previous era. The Dominican Church during the 19th century was the end of religion. Before becoming a place of worship since 1898 and this church was renovated in the early century of 80s and 90s which was around 1475. Martin’s studio Schongauer built the Dominican altar by named “Madonna of the rose bush” in the rose garden where the altar depicts the image of the Buddha and the child sitting with roses on a golden background with two celestial messengers holding in the crown. This altar is filled with many meanings, which are the mysteries of life including love, purity, unreality, death, and etc.,. This can be followed by signs in the church and their work has been revealed in the Unterlinden Museum in 1973 and continues to show in the church until today.

This is an old church that been order by the Republic of Dominica and properties of this church meet the needs of those who command is quite naked and without bell and pinion portal. This church is therefore different from St. Martin’s Church. but this Dominican Bosque stands out with beautiful carvings instead. The charm of this church is beyond of meaning and historical value.

You can visit and look for more detail at Église des Dominicains

The Church open daily from Sunday – Thursday by divided into 2 sessions from morning at 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and afternoon at 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm on Friday and Saturday will be open from the time 10.00 am until 18.00 hrs. They also have admission fees and price is reasonable for adults are 1.50 Euro, for children between the ages of 12 – 18 years price is 0.50 Euro and is free for children younger than 12 years. In addition, for students with student IDs tickets will be given for 1 Euro and tourists from groups of 15 or more will receive tickets for 1 Euro as well.

How to get there
As Mini-church is another place that easy to visit. It is in the back side of the library Unterlinden that you can look for Rue de reiset on the map. This road can easily take you to this church. From this church you also can take the rue ds serruriers to see the lovely teak houses.

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