Oubkham Museum in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Oubkham Museum was once a prosperous kingdom even though it had been changed over times. Still, there are numerous evidences recounting its ancient history. This museum with their focus on values and the beauty of those antiques stores those archeological items and arts from different hill tribes from the northern part altogether for the purpose of sharing their stories to the public.

Oubkham Museum is a private museum established by Professor Julasak Suroyachai. The word “Oubkham” is originated from the golden bowl, a legacy from his father who descended from Lumpang sovereign during 1732-1758. He noticed that many foreigners had visited Mae Sai district and bought many antiques with them such as lacquer wares and ancient fabric which urged him to construct the museum in order to store these precious Lanna antiques for our next generation. He collected the royal belongings such as lacquer and silver wares from different places including Khum Chao Prae and Khum Chao Nan. Interesting examples of archeological items include Tai Nua King’s throne and royal court’s costumes which all represent the delicacy, beauty and uniqueness of Lanna. Nowadays, the exhibition is open to the public for educational purpose and to raise awareness among Thai people about their heritage.

The museum is open every day from 08.00 to 18.00.

The entrance fees: 200 baht for Thai adult, 100 baht for Thai children, 300 baht for foreign adults and 200 baht for foreign children

Address: 81/1 Nakai road, Rob Wiang sub-district. It is next to Den Ha fresh market.

Another way is to take a bus in the town: the charge for the chartered bus is 50 baht.

For more information, please contact Oubkham Museum, the Lanna Heritage Conservation Center, 81/1 Nakai road, Rob Wiang sub-district Muang district Chiangrai 57000. Tel. 053-713394 Mobile no. 08-1992-0342 or visit a website:

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