Visit Takayama, Chihuahua, Kanazawa by Shoryudo Highway Bus Pass

Passenger Express Shirakawa Express Bus for 3-Day 

Shoryudo Bus Pass is a pass for traveling in Chubu region of Nagoya on Shirakawago, Kanazawa, Toyama route. You can travel by bus with unlimited used on specified routes. There are 3 days and 5 days pass and pass is for foreign tourists only. You can buy it from online or travel agent and then exchange it for the ticket when you arrive in Japan. More details can be read here.

So ticket conditions is sell to person who do not hold Japanese passport. The easy way to reservation Shoryudo Hightway Bus ticket is book at the bus counter. Also can not be booked online or by phone.

There are a few tips about booking this pass.

Pick up date for use the pass. Therefore, if anyone arrives early then go to exchange the pass to ticket and then can start using the ticket from the morning of arrival or if anyone is late and don’t want to waste for 1 day. You can choose day and pick up ticket from different day.

If the booking is wrong and money has been pay by credit card. Don’t worry you can cancel and book again. There will be a cancellation fee about 400 yen and money will be refunded. The voucher booking for confirm reservation that you will receive by mail after you complete your payment. You have to print voucher and exchange it to the ticket in Japan.

It’s a great way to travel to Shirakawa, Nagoya, Takayama because there are not a limited number of express buses connecting Nagoya to Gifu Takayama. Shi, Shi, Waka and Toyama. The ticket is also available at the Komatsu International Airport and Toyama Airport.

The Takeaway with train is best way between the main cities of Honshu (Japan’s main island) and Takayama. Here are the most important facts.

  • Tokyo > Takayama: 4 hours, 20 minutes, 13,930 Yen (change at Nagoya)
  • Kyoto > Takayama: 3 hours 15 minutes, 9,180 Yen (change at Nagoya)
  • Osaka > Takayama: 3 hours 33 minutes, 9,820 Yen (change at Nagoya)
  • Nagoya > Takayama: 2 hours, 30 minutes, 5,520 Yen.

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