Wat Doi Mae-Pang Temple, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wat Doi Mae-pang is approximately 75 kilometres away on Highway No. 1001 (Chiang Mai – Mae Cho – Phrao Route) from Chiang Mai’s downtown area, located on Moo 5, Thambon Mae-pang, Amphoe Phrao. The temple was a residence to Luangpu Waen Suchinno from 1962 to 1985. Attractions in this temple consist of the wooden assembly hall, Luangpu Waen’s monastery, the wooden monastery named Rong Yang Kilet or Rong Fai, and another assembly hall with the statue of the same size of Luangpu Waen. The temple is accessible both by car and public transportation. By public transportation, there are red four-wheeled shuttle service (50 baht, one-way) and air-conditioned bus service (70 baht, one-way); both depart from Kad Luang next to Ping River. The return way is more convenient by other choices of public transportation available just in front of the temple. Luangpu Waen Suchinno was born to the Ramsiri blacksmith family on January 16th, 1887 in Loei. His family had 4 people, namely his father Sai, his mother Kaeo, and his younger sister Beng (Beng Ram-akson). He was named Yan, meaning sagacity. When he was five-year-old, his mother fell ill and asked Yan to get ordained for his entire life before she passed away, despite the great care from her husband.

On one silent night, Yan’s grandmother had a strange but good-omen dream of seeing Yan sleeping in the turmeric field and his body apparently shining in yellow. Viewing this as a fortunate sign for any prosperous priest, his grandmother also asked and held him the ordination when he was nine, together with his cousin of the same generation, expecting his lifelong priesthood. Phra Achan Uan, his uncle, decided to put Yan into the care of Phra Achan Sao Kantasilo at Wat Ban Sang Tho, Amphoe, Ubon Ratchathani Miraculously, when Phra Achan Uan and the young novice walked into the temple area, Phra Achan Sing(?) Sao(?) – the well-known follower of Man Phurithatto, one of the greatest monk in terms of meditation – happen to see the halo illuminating from the novice.

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