Chiang Mai Walking Street in Thailand

Thanon Khon Dern Chiang Mai or Chiang Mai Walking Street is located in Amphoe Muang. Every Saturday and Sunday, Chiang Mai municipality will close some of the roads for local people to bring out their handicraft products for sale. The area receives high interest among tourists from every parts of Thailand, and also from various foreign countries, such as Europe and Asia. Thanon Kon Dern in Chiang Mai has 4 spots such as:

1.Thanon Kon Dern Wua Lai (Saturday market) is on Wua Lai Street, near Chiang Mai gate. It is open only on Saturday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Most of the sellers are local villagers living at Wua Lai street. Therefore, the street market here has a smaller space than Thanon Kon Dern Tar Paer. The village on Wua Lai street is home to silverware craftsmen. This village both creates and sells their handmade silverware. Moreover, tourists can enjoy shopping other local products as well.

2.Thanon Kon Dern Tar Paer (Sunday market) is on Tar Paer Street heading to Ratchadamnoen Road. It is especially open on Sunday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. This market place sells products that come in larger size. A variety of products can be found here. For cultural goods or local products, there are accessories , clothes, souvenirs, bags, scarves, lamps, etc. Fashionable stuff can also be purchased here at this Sunday market, including food, such as Kanom Jeen Nam Ngeaw (Fermented Rice Noodle in Pork Rib Soup), Kanom Jeen Namya (Noodles With Thai Fish Curry). For a winter visit, roaming down this street market can give you another enjoyable experience. Thanon Kon Dern Tar Paer is the biggest walking street market in Chiang Mai, and receives high popularity among Thai and foreign visitors.

3.Kad Ton Gong (Saturday Morning market) is on every Sunday morning at San Sai Ton Kok community, Tambon Fah Haam. At the market, shoppers will be fascinated with a variety of products ranging from local goods, traditional food, organic crops to flowering and ornamental plants. Moreover, travellers can watch How-to raise a quail demonstration by local youth, enjoy cultural performances by farmer group, and admire handmade drums by traditional craftsmen. Apart from this, visitors can sail on a boat trip, and appreciate people’s ways of life beside Mae Ping river as well.

4.Thanon Kon Dern –Sai Sankampang handicraft route
Every Saturday from 3 p.m.-10p.m., Sankampang street market is open for tourists to shop for handicraft products, food, souvenirs while enjoying Sankampang traditional music along. Around the joining Laampoon-Chiang Mai route, in Amphoe Sarapee, on Sai Ton Yang street, there’s another street market called Thanon Kon Dern Yang Nerng. The market is open at 5 p.m. every Saturday. The products sold here range from agricultural goods such as organic vegetables, ceramic OTOP products, basketworks until mass produced clothes, Thai desserts, and household equipment. This street market fully facilitates the disabled and the elderly people. The market path includes an especially designed slope for the handicapped. All walking paths are linked together in a level smooth surface, making every paths and corners accessible for the wheel chair users.

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