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Hua Mae Kham Highland Agricultural Extension Center in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Hua Mae Kham Highland Agricultural Extension Center

Mae Fa Luang district is the only district in Chiang Rai Province that all of its population is hill tribe people. Due to its mountainous landscape and cold weather, only a few villagers live there. In the past, this area was used for growing narcotic plants and smuggling drugs as it is attached to Myanmar. After that, the government controlled the use of drugs so several new occupations were provided to improve the hill tribe people’s lives. There were a lot of interesting projects and a lot of spectacular tourist attractions, one of which was Hua Mae Kham Highland Agricultural Extension Center.

The goal of Hua Mae Kham Highland Agricultural Extension Center is to help hill tribe people gain consistent income by dividing the areas in highland to do Northern plant breeding experiment with techniques from Taiwan. This project causes a lot of benefits since it can reduce high-priced import of cold-weather plants and can pass on knowledge to local farmers both in the area and in vicinity. The cold weather flowers that are currently tested are orchids, gerbera, ochna (mickey mouse plant), calla lily, common juniper, eucalyptus, carnation, tulip, and azalea, etc. The visitors are allowed to see how to prune the flowers and how to pack them for sale. The visitors can ask the staffs for a walk to see the tea plantation. The most appropriate time to visit this place is absolutely winter. You can enjoy the cold weather and variety of plants. If they are tree lovers, there is a collection of plants for them to choose and purchase. The center also provide a restaurant with various delicious dishes, some accommodation (no more than 35 people), and a campsite.

For more information, contact Hua Mae Kham Highland Agricultural Extension Center, Mae Salong sub-district, Mae Fa Luang district, Chiang Rai Province tel. (053) 918-101.

How to get there:

  • from the town of Chiang Rai, take highway no. 1 to Mae Chan district and take highway no. 1130 to Doi Hua Mae Kham.
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