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Modern Family S11 Episode 4

Episode 4: Working Women and Stolen Billboards

Claire pulls Hayley and Alex into a “house girl party”. In fact, both daughters understand her purpose. It is nothing more than to show the many benefits of working women. Hayley is now focused on the child, and Claire wants to persuade her to put her career first. The thing that didn’t let Claire worry the most was Alex. A large company sent a job offer, but Alex refused. The reason is that those big companies are corrupt and work only for money. Claire wants Alex to see how women in big companies enjoy life.

But before the order was served, the secretary in the company called and something happened. Claire didn’t take it seriously, and hung up the phone with a calm attitude. She didn’t realize that something really happened until the secretary came in. I rushed back to the company to find out that the smart wardrobe sold by the company had a data leak, and all user data was stolen by hackers.

Company employees have resigned, just like a mouse fleeing a sinking ship, no one wants to be accused of leaking personal privacy. One by one, they were crying and rushing, in front of Hailee and Alex, showing the negative teaching materials in reality. Claire made a decisive move to recall all defective smart wardrobes, first to minimize the loss.

In fact, you don’t have to worry about Claire, Hailey originally intended to return to work. Although leaving the child makes her very heartbroken, she wants to show the babbles in the company how quickly her figure is recovering.

Gloria’s internship is almost over. If she performs well, Phil will hire her. But Phil didn’t seem to be satisfied, feeling that Gloria was too nervous in front of the inspectors, not convincing enough. And the “for sale” billboard in front of this property is always stolen, which annoys Phil.

Phil looked suspiciously at a few of his colleagues, trying to find a way to catch the troublemaker behind him, and give them some color. When Gloria was in Columbia, she was good at inquiring gossip. So she has to show her strengths, find the guy who stole the billboard, and prove her worth.

Stella has been running outside recently, and Jie has installed a tracker in her collar. Gloria will rely on it to catch the thief who steals. Phil even arrested a few of his colleagues that he thought was the most suspicious, but afterwards it proved that he was grossly wrong. When Phil was upset, Gloria drove up and had tracked down the thief who stole the billboard.

Phil jumped into the car and followed the signal to the junkyard. He saw Jie clutching a child carrying a billboard. Jie was here to find Stella, but he did not expect to catch a child. The thief who stole the billboard was Sam, the homeowner’s son. He didn’t want to move out of a familiar home or leave his friends. Gloria understands Sam’s feelings well. She left her hometown alone 12 years ago and came to the United States where she was not familiar with her. But now, she not only married a rich white man, but also made many new friends. If she did not dare to accept these changes, she would not have the happy life she is now.

Gloria’s words touched Sam, and Phil was impressed and agreed to hire her as an assistant. This means that Gloria has to spend more time at work. It seems that Jie has to adapt to changes and learn how to be a housekeeper.

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