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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 14

After a late arrival, I found Ding Xiaorou holding a pan against myself and directly scared a big jump, so that Ding Xiaorou was careful, because recently there was a metamorphosis outside to follow young women. Ding Xiaorou asked him how he knew the new password. Why did he suddenly wear a hat and changed it out? I told her that everyone has their own habits when using passwords. It is not difficult to guess that they wear their hats just because they have not washed their hair. After a late letter, Ding Xiaorou was asleep on the table, took a blanket and covered her, watching her sleep, and couldn’t help but stand up.

Ding Xiaorou was going to the exhibition hall of the fashion office. She was stopped by the security guard when she arrived at the door because she had no documents. Fortunately, Jiang Yuan appeared in time to bring her in. Xiaorou cautiously greeted Jiang Yuan, Jiang Yuan recognized Xiaorou at a glance, claiming that she had known many people before she participated in the program. I was late to believe that I was busy preparing things for myself at home, and I accidentally took care of the things on the table. After the site survey, Xiaorou told Jiang Yuan that his window needs to be completed in advance, otherwise it would be a waiver. Jiang Yuan said that he could not help himself, let her prepare the materials needed first, and then come back and find a solution.

Ding Xiaorou went back home with a listlessness and found that the things on the table were broken. On the other hand, he was late to know that he had made a mistake, and went out to buy things to remedy. After Ding Xiaorou saw it, he couldn’t help but get angry. After all, this was an entry that he had made for two nights. Now it is gone, it is even more disheartening. Moreover, the computer is not saved, and there is nothing inside. I was so eager to remedy, and when I went out to buy something, I tried my best to remedy it. After buying something, Xiaorou sat down to eat ice cream, and saw her mother calling, pretending to be strong and pretending that nothing was done, let her not Take care of yourself. Ding Ma asked her not to go on those messy programs and caused a lot of criticism.

When Xiaorou returned to the coffee house, he found that many people were called by the late letter. The purpose was to help Xiaorou to reply to the data in the computer. After everyone worked together, he finally recovered. Jiang Yuan called Xiaorou and told her that she had time to come in to the exhibition hall in advance to prepare the window, and Xiaorou heard it and was happy to explode. A group of people came to the exhibition hall to help Xiaorou arrange the exhibition hall. Xiaorou saw Jiang Yuan and got up and greeted her. He accidentally fell over the rope. After seeing it, he hurriedly blocked her.

He Mingzhu saw that Yongzheng looked at Jiang Yuan’s eyes and couldn’t help but be jealous and angry. Chi Xin and Jiang Yuan came together to buy coffee and bet that the other party had a new beginning. Jiang Yuan felt that Xiaorou was a good girl and let her cherish it. Under the persuasion of everyone, I told everyone that Jiang Yuan was a girlfriend who had been friends for seven years. Xiaorou was shocked when he heard it. He realized that he had misunderstood before, and when he came back late, his eyes kept looking at him. Zheng Ze asked Xiaorou not to worry. She felt that her work would be successful. When she planned to send her back, she refused it and then went back to the car with a late letter.

Xiaorou sat on the car and kept talking nonsense. She was late to know that she misunderstood her sexual orientation and proved herself. However, Xiaoxin’s heartbeat was too fast to sleep. Xiaorou woke up again and found himself lying on his sofa, hating that he had treated him as a sister before, and made some embarrassing things in front of him. He saw him hurriedly hiding behind him after he was late. Zheng Ze wore handsome clothes to pick up Xiaorou, and also took her to buy beautiful clothes. Zheng Ze saw Xiaorou wearing it and looked at her with radiance.


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