The Causes of Cellulite and Ways to Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite or that some so-called ” orange peel ” is fat that rises up and accumulates in the subcutaneous layer. Has a rough, rough texture similar to the orange peel or bergamot skin Often found on the thighs, hips, upper arms and abdomen, some people are wavy because of the accumulation of fat mixed with waste and water mixed in the bag. Each fat mass has a sticky shell covering, which can be seen from the outside and seen as the wavy fat. The cellulite is different from the normal fat in the body that we can easily get rid off with exercise. But cellulite can’t be eliminated easily like that Because it requires both a skin massage combined with exercise And also control food In order to be able to effectively eliminate cellulite

Cellulite problems not found often only with obese people But in some skinny women there is also cellulite In men, it is less fat than women. And most of them are muscles Cellulite problems are therefore less common than women. Except for some very fat men who have cellulite too Over 90 percent of women over the age of 20 tend to have cellulite accumulation symptoms. Genetic and ethnic factors are also part of Like Europeans, they have more cellulite than Asian people.

What kind of cellulite is called?
Try to check in an easy way by holding the abdomen out to look for half an inch. Or tip over your arm and use your other hand to pull the fat layer on your arm If our skin looks like orange or bergamot skin Well, that’s ” cellulite ” if left out. After a long day, it will start to see more clearly without having to touch or squeeze.

Types of cellulite

  1. Soft Cellulite is a cellulite that is common in women aged 20-30 years, characterized by small clumps. Is a soft wave stripe The most common cause is genetic.
  2. Hard Cellulite is a cellulite that is common in women aged 20-40 years, characterized by small and hard lumps. When squeezed, it can be seen clearly a small lump, often found in the buttocks and hips.
  3. Flaccid Cellulite is a cellulite that is commonly found in women older than 40 years and rarely exercise. Which will look like a soft fat mass With sagging skin and fluid in the muscles Commonly found around the abdomen, waist, abdomen, arms and chin.
  4. Edmatous Cellulite is a cellulite that is commonly found in people with poor blood flow. There is a congestion of lymphatic fluid. To make it look like edema. Once pressed, the dent is often found on the hips, thighs, which in that area has sensitive skin, clearly visible blood vessels and swelling
  5. Mixed Cellulite is the most common cellulite, there are many types of cellulite in the same person. From types 1-4, often found in married women and in adults who do not exercise Or those who like to eat too much fat, fried, sugar and starchy foods.

How Cellulite development?

  • Phase 1 : It is the phase that the membrane begins to occur but is not much. Can not be observed either from standing or sleeping (Not seen as an orange peel skin), but when squeezing the meat, the area appears to show dimples.
  • Phase 2 : As with Phase 1, the dent is still not visible. But when squeezing the meat up, it shows that there are more dimples than the first phase
  • Phase 3 : Begin to notice cellulite clearly while standing. Without having to squeeze and see But while you are still not able to see the mark
  • Phase 4 : Can see all the skin of the orange peel, whether standing or lying. Without having to squeeze and see in any way This phase will accumulate cellulite for a long time and is difficult to treat.

Causes of cellulite

Health experts believe that Cellulite is caused by the accumulation of waste in the body tissues. Doctors believe that cellulite is caused by the accumulation of fat in fat-rich cells. The cellulite begins with the formation of thin fats in areas with problems with blood flow, such as the thighs, buttocks and upper arms. Over the days, these fats will accumulate tightly into bags. Water, fat and waste are mixed up. Until widening the area and causing bulging into bags, which accumulates fat for many reasons Which may be caused by one or many common causes.

  1. Fat that is caused by eating foods that contain starch, fat, including sugary fruits and sugar. When the body burns or uses it all, it will accumulate in the form of fat. When accumulating a lot, it will become part of cellulite and thicken the fat layer. Fat shape with another part
  2. Lack of exercise Exercise should be performed regularly and continuously for 30 minutes to help speed up the metabolism and get rid of excess fat. But not exercising will cause the circulatory system in the body to not work well Removal of blood and lymphatic waste, interruption and retention And cause hormonal imbalances Until it became a continuous problem
  3. Lose weight fast As a result, the mechanism in the body responds to the lack of nutrients and energy stored for use. Until causing the accumulation of food and fat When these excess fat is not eliminated Will become cellulite
  4. Stay in one position for a long time, whether it’s sitting for a long time, standing long, or staying in one position for a long time. Will cause the circulatory system to malfunction The excretion of waste through blood and lymph is not easy. In addition to causing cellulite May also have problems with varicose veins and swollen feet as well.
  5. Drink less water than usual. Drinking enough water will help nourish cells to function normally. And water is also part of the blood and lymph water That will help the excretion of waste that is normal.
  6. Drinking alcohol Drinking alcohol will cause cells to lose water. Waste disposal works poorly And alcohol also destroys liver cells Until causing the liver to eliminate toxins as well
  7. Smoking. People who smoke will tend to have a lot of cellulite. Because the nicotine in cigarettes will clog the veins Causing the capillaries to contract And other types of carcinogens continue to destroy cells Causing the connective tissue to be destroyed Resulting in cellulite waves In addition, cigarette causes kidney and lung disorders, which are organs of excretion of waste.
  8. Metabolic system problems For example, some people eat less food but are obese, such as in older people. Or in some diseases, it can also cause abnormal metabolic systems in the body, such as thyroid disease.
  9. The imbalance of estrogen and progesterone In which the hormone estrogen stimulates the accumulation of fat in the body. In women, it has more estrogen than men. Therefore making women have more fat than men The progesterone hormone will destroy the circulatory system and lymphatic system. Resulting in the accumulation of toxins and damaging the skin structure, sagging, losing flexibility The skin is not smooth.
  10. Defects of the digestive system When the body has an ineffectual excretion of waste less efficiently such as from the liver and kidneys, the circulatory system is abnormal These wastes that accumulate in the body will gradually develop into cellulite.
  11. Pregnancy and menopause Causing an imbalance of estrogen levels
  12. Another stress that causes cellulite Because stress causes the muscles to contract Especially the muscles around the face, neck, shoulders and head, until the accumulation of waste in the muscles. Prevent tissue from getting rid of waste
  13. Wearing tight clothes such as female students who wear until tight Makes the body move less And reduce the flow of the skin.
  14. Caused by certain drugs, such as oral contraceptives, resulting in an imbalance of the estrogen system. Taking sleeping pills until the medication interferes naturally Make the system warping Or taking diuretics until dehydration causes the body etc.

How to reduce cellulite?

  1. Exercise regularly Exercise. In addition to strengthening the body. Also helps to balance the systems in the body as well But good exercise should be fast walking, swimming, cycling, jumping rope, aerobics and underwater exercise at least 30-40 minutes at least 3 times a week. Exercise will help burn. Burns body fat away Helps control the weight to be in the right criteria Makes muscles in different parts of the body stronger But for those who don’t have time We wish you to take a break or work time. By going up and down on the Dai instead of taking the elevator to do housework etc.
  2. Controlling your diet should stop eating sweets and butter, ice cream, high-fat milk, salty foods, and transformed foods, such as sausages, ham, bacon, as these will cause our body to accumulate more fat. And turned to diet control each day Eat healthy and low-fat foods. Drink 8 glasses of clean water a day (if you sweat a lot, have to drink more), it will help detoxify the tissues in the form of excess fat from the body. And also to eliminate cellulite Should also reduce or stop drinking soft drinks, coffee, alcohol and refrain from smoking Because it will cause the body to lose balance Because there are many free radicals destroying cells and accumulating to become toxic The body is difficult to remove.
  3. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Naturalists believe that Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will reduce the occurrence of cellulite. And helps prevent the occurrence of cellulite as much as 75 percent (but should avoid fruit that is very sweet) because vegetables and fruits are rich in minerals, vitamins, phytochemistry, antioxidants That can help stimulate the liver to detoxify well. Helps the cells in the body work more efficiently.
  4. In the right posture We shouldn’t stay in one position for too long. But should turn to walk up the stairs instead of the elevator during work Or should always walk back and forth to encourage waste disposal during the day. Especially those who work in the office Should be sitting, standing, and walking correctly Not sitting cross legged Because it will cause cellulite easily
  5. Eliminate waste in the lungs By practicing long deep breaths so that the tissue receives sufficient oxygen Which oxygen will give life Energizing the cells in the body. Not only the brain cells But oxygen also helps to burn energy efficiently.
  6. Scrub the skin while showering every day. By using a soft dry brush, such as sponge, luffa, stone scrub or cream, scrubbing it back and forth for 2-3 minutes a day will help the lymphatic system to circulate well and help eliminate fat cells. Because the heat from abrasion will cause some fat to dissolve If wanting to scrub the whole body, it is best to start by scrubbing the feet up to the upper part of the body up to the neck and shoulders. This method will help stimulate blood circulation. In addition, shower time (Can be in the evening or in the morning). Use hot water to alternate with cold water in the area of ​​cellulite to stimulate the tissue and speed up the metabolism of cells.
  7. Massage oil Let us use massage oil mixed with essential oils to make the skin smooth. Will help to massage more fluently and not brace the skin until causing the skin wrinkled It also helps to improve the circulation and stimulate the efficiency of the body’s waste disposal systems as well. By stimulating the lymph nodes that help digest fat By focusing on circular motions and squeezing only on areas with poor circulation such as the inner knees and thighs In order to help dissolve the fat and eliminate toxic residues Or you can use oil that contains extracts of ginger and orange. To help stimulate blood circulation and increase the efficiency of waste disposal in the body By focusing on massaging the area with cellulite Which the method of massage is not difficult at all Just use the palm of your hand to massage in a circular motion, using the ridge of your hand to wrap around the cellulite area and repeat repeatedly.
  8. llulite breakdown cream By using together with massage This will help make cellulite look thinner. Which there are many brands But the massage cream used should have important ingredients extracted from nature as follows. Caffeine (Caffeine) that helps increase the rate of metabolism in the body and accelerate the metabolism of fat. Therefore helping to lose weight, Cocoa (Activated Cocoa Bean Concentrate) commonly used in conjunction with caffeine. Can help eliminate fat and inhibit the accumulation of remaining sugar in the fat tissue, Chitosan (Chitosan) helps to eliminate fat The positive charge of chitosan will help trap free fatty acids and cholesterol with negative ions. Which will be excreted with excess fat, capsaicin extract(Capsaicin) is an extract obtained from chilli. Has the property to help increase the level of liver enzymes Which is related to the breakdown of fat Helping to accelerate metabolism Therefore helping to reduce weight, Garcinia extract Which has the ability to inhibit the transformation of nutrients such as glucose into fat-accumulating nutrients And also helps speed up the breakdown of accumulated fat, etc. However, there is no scientific proof that Can these substances really penetrate through the skin cells to dissolve the fat and actually reduce the lump?
  9. Clinic treatment To get rid of cellulite By causing the cellulite to break down You may need to be looked after by a specialist. Together with weight loss, exercise, diet control, aromatherapy massage (Using essential oils extracted from plants which can remove dirt from the skin), body massage (to help increase blood flow and release waste) after approximately 1-2 weeks of treatment You will feel that the skin is softened.
  10. Massage with ultrasonic (Ultrasonic Massage) the massage the skin with topical fat by the body to lose. And use the massager around that area to allow the drug to penetrate under the skin and help break down cellulite Depending on the weight and cellulite that needs to be reduced The cost per time is around 1,000-3,000 baht depending on the service place.
  11. Kneaded by machine vibrations (Vibration) vibratory massage on the area to be burned. Or when standing on the plane The device will vibrate and cause the body to vibrate as if to give a massage. Like it’s exercise and cellulite breakdown Which will take about 10-20 minutes depending on the body size and amount of fat. But a long shaking will cause itching due to the breakdown of fat under the skin. The breakdown of cellulite with medical devices is quite expensive. And should be under the supervision of a medical professional The price is about 500 baht per time.
  12. Energizing massage (Endermologie) is a cellulite cellulite massage with a vacuum. The head of this tool has a vacuum tube in the middle. (Responsible for sucking up the desired surface), the side is a parallel roller (The function of massage to dissolve fat and increase blood circulation), which has to be treated 14 times in a row (approximately 2,000-5,000 baht per time). In the first 7 times, it must be done 2 times a week and Will be reduced to 1 time per week the next time Or depending on the experts suggest (Below is the picture before and after doing 15 times).
  13. Mesotherapy is the injection of drugs that have the ability to break down fat into the subcutaneous layer of Mesoderm (Mesoderm) to break down cellulite and fat, such as extracts from soy and various vitamins by injecting drugs. Will cause more fat burning processes And causing cellulite to eventually disintegrate But there are disadvantages Need to inject multiple needles (about 3 times more) and sometimes bruising can sometimes occur. When the patient injected the fat for one month Will find that cellulite and excess fat will be reduced If combined with massage therapy will improve the treatment results. After treatment, should drink plenty of water and exercise lightly to help increase the circulation of the lymphatic system and waste excretion. Which will help to make the treatment more effective It costs around 1,000-3,000 baht per time. (Below is a picture before and after Meso injections. In which the information does not specify the number of treatments)
  14. Carr’s Box or carbon dioxide is injected into the subcutaneous fat layer medical areas like the abdomen, arm, hip, thigh and calf to the breakdown of cellulite. The injected carbon dioxide will increase the expansion of blood vessels. Causes the fat cells to decompose and be eliminated After treatment for 3-5 times, the proportion and cellulite will start to decrease Skin is firmer. When done 10 times, it will clearly see the results. Both proportions and cellulite will be reduced. (Cost about 1,000-3,000 baht per time). In addition, Carboxy stimulates tissue regeneration. Helps tighten skin And also can cure abdominal skin problems or stretch marks of the skin as well (Below is a picture before and after making a carbox. In which the information does not specify the number of treatments).

However, getting rid of cellulite is based on diet control. Eat a high-fiber diet, focusing on exercise combined with massaging the cellulite area, and other methods that are another option for cellulite problems. But only temporarily Because if we don’t keep exercising and control the food properly Those cellulite will definitely come back. Just by changing your lifestyle a little Cellulite has gone away.

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