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Reunion at the End of the Road

During college days, she has a love life that becomes the envy of everyone. Her boyfriend is a popular top student in the college. Sadly, social reality sets in and separated the two. Later, she met another dazzling young and talented guy. She fell in love again but the relationship also ended badly. However, their entanglements have not ended yet. After two years, the three meet again to continue the unfinished story

Reunion at the End of the Road
Alternative name: 末路相逢 – 晴空蓝兮
Love does not work at all
drama, romance
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At the time of Lam Nac university, he had a love for Tu Chi An – an outstanding guy with many talents in school but because of his family situation, he always felt inferior. With Tu Chi An, Lam Nac could not find pampering feelings, but on the contrary, she was the one actively seeking that feeling. Romance between the two began to appear stretch marks due to their ideals and thoughts were different. That crack has deepened since the arrival of Giang Doan Chinh.

It was Lam Nac’s never-weak appearance that succeeded in arousing Jiang Doan Chinh’s desire to protect. He made her find the desire to be loved and protected that she did not have for a long time while being with Tu Chi An, but she was determined not to let herself fall in love with him. Giang Doan Chinh is very confident that in this game he is the winner, although he knows that Tu Chi An still exists between him and Lam Nac.

Long after, Lam Nac still believed that in this world there could not be two words “what if”. Even though Tu Chi An knew her first, at the last minute, she still approached Jiang Doan Chinh. Europe is also fate.

Giang Doan Chinh is a perfect perfect boyfriend, he gives her everything, but only one thing that Lam Nac and many other girls crave the most, he cannot satisfy. Because he is a wind of freedom that does not want to be imprisoned by the words “marriage”.

“Everything I need, I am for you, as long as you are with me like this, what are you not satisfied with?”

“Thank you, for giving me all the feelings that others must admire, but now I have to leave you!”

Two years later, Tu Chi An returned, the three met again and the unfinished story was written again ……

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