What is Agile?

What is Agile?

Agile organization services is agility, adaptability in HR management.

HR – Transformation – suitable for a tech company. Success in each project.
Cross Functional Team Squad work together to develop a project. Project can be a sub-project. Each person has full discretion. Do not have to work in the past. Water fall: working as a Top to Down through a multi-level head of department.

Agile Methodology is a concept of work (not a form or process) and is not limited to only software product development. Agile pays attention to communication with all involved and product development all the time In response to users.

No agility important concepts are

  1. Do not focus on the process Not highlighted document
  2. Flexible. Can change at any time.
  3. Do it little by little but often in each project to see results quickly.
  4. Fail Fast. Fast errors and fast development.
    Pros: less walls during work are from the team for the project and go into those 4 processes suitable for flat site organization.