What is U-Learning?

At present, no one can deny that Information technology or IT has played a role in our lives in every area, especially in education. Mr. Bill Gates of Microsoft also spoke about the importance of IT applications in Education Stated that the greatest benefit of IT is the use of IT for education and learning.

U-Learning is derived from the Latin word Ubiquitous Learning. Meaning that Live everywhere or everywhere.

What is U-Learning (Ubiquitous Learning)?

Ubiquitous Learning is an instruction or instruction package which presents content and teaching and learning activities through both wired and wireless network technology, including devices Used in boundless processing Students can learn anywhere and at all times. Probably from the word Ubiquitous e-learning, but e- has been cut. Because it is learning that is part of living life Which involves various kinds of learning methods combined Both the original and the use of information technology as well.

U-Learning History

Mr. Bill Gates of Microsoft also discussed the importance of evolution from learning in a manner. E-Learning to U-Learning, which means learning around Us by creating an environment for independent access to learning. Therefore, U-Learning can happen anywhere, anytime and by all tools to access learning, not just by having access to Tools such as notebooks, PDAs, or various types of mobile devices, etc. that are connected to the computer network of Applied IT in education that the greatest benefits of IT include IT Used for education and learning.

Meaning U-Learning
U-Learning is derived from the Latin word Ubiquitous Learning which means “everywhere”. There are everywhere. U-Learning is a combination of E-Learning and M-Learning. The goal is for learners to learn in the process of E-Learning using devices that are both PCs with both wired and wireless networks. The cable combines with other devices.

Characteristics of U-Learning

  1. Anywhere, Anytime and Anybody is learners can be anyone, anywhere, and learn anytime according to the needs of the learners because the agency has launched a website for 24 hours a day.
  2. Multimedia – The media presented on the web consists of text, still images, animation and sound. As well as a video which will help stimulate learners as well.
  3. Non-Linear learners can choose to study the content presented as needed.
  4. Interactive with the ability of web documents that have links, links make the content interact with users by Already automatic and the student also adds a contact interface with the speakers via the mail system Allowing students and speakers to connect quickly

U-Learning work style

Common Store can be divided into 2 groups as follows:

  1. The first group is Learning objects and Learning tasks which are used as learning media, consisting of text, pictures, audio, video, websites, various media
  2. The second group, Learning, exposition Learning communications and administrative functions, is a section developed with specific programs. To be used in the management and control of learning activities.

Filtering criteria is used to check data sent from the Common Store and analyze it to determine whether it is communicating to Desktop or Mobile. Rendering criteria is a function that follows from the Filtering criteria to select the method of presentation that is suitable for different media. The same information sent to Desktop and Mobile will be able to present completely. But may look different depending on the size of the display.

Benefit of U-Learning

  1. Connection to the network, regardless of whether the user moves to various locations
  2. Service that can be changed according to the situation, the whole place, equipment
  3. The integration of U-learning is beneficial for the experience of outdoor and indoor learning. Examples of outdoor learning are in the center of the city, in the forest. Indoor learning is in museums, centers. Learning Laboratory or home

Limitations of U-Learning

  1. Networking to cover Ubiquitous size requires a high investment.
  2. Number of users And those who have the ability to access such technology is still not worth the investment.