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The two seasons in the early 90s that all the TV dramas at that time were under the influence of the David Lynch crime series. The most strange Is a wild, raw beauty in the Grunge style that appears to be returning to being Today, Tom Carson will explain to us why Lynch’s Washington-based business town is more modern than it should be. Throughout David Lynch’s career, there is one thing that he loves so much: pretending that the 60s have never been done before or should not exist. In the world even while the 50s were not born either. Lynch’s Surrealist idealist is probably Ronald Reagan. Although the media is trying to create Lynch and the 40th President of the United States to look similar to the truth. But the one thing that big boys have Is an alien culture that goes together in perfect harmony.

The movie Blue Velvet and Back to the Future were released only one year apart. But the main characters like Kyle McClelland and Michael J. Fox are different, as if they were in different hemisphere. Because the perfect combination of evil and innocence of Blue Velvet that Lynch created It’s comparable to the dark side of the movie Back to the Future, which is considered a fantasy pop movie of the Reagan era. Both movies are like the perfect combination that is the beginning of a pop culture in the 50s. Came again after the 1980s ended. Lynch created the series Twin Peaks in 1990. It is something new and has never been seen before in television history. That’s because the novelty and fun of Twin Peaks consists of various elements. That everyone can remember and have seen on TV But they were twisted to the wrong shape like we were having nightmares Beginning with the topography of the northwest Pacific coast With pink houses lining the sad landscape Familiar elements from soap operas with a small town backdrop With a colorful, flashy character, an experience And of course must have characters like Father knows everything but regularly miss out on mistakes.

In the field of fashion, Lynch picks out fashion trends Grunge came to be used before it was born. And transformed into a major trend in the wardrobe of fashionistas in the early 1990s, even if you imagine the fashion style that Lynch created on a glass screen, then it would be a picture of a cool, country-style boy. Lauren but Lauren Young Such people do not come in handsome airs only. He is also a drunken man who tends to grind a heavy degree of wine. All these exciting ingredients eventually created a new style of American fashion. Which is the same feeling as the TV series Mad Men, which was created almost 20 years later. That is the opening sentence of the emotional series Twin Peaks. Finding the body of a beautiful school star Laura Palmer causes everyone to find the killer. But what turned out to be that the people in the peaceful community were all mad or were criminals. This made us think and begin to question ordinary characters. That appeared on the TV and how they were connected.

Twin Peaks airs when everyone begins to wonder how the 20th century will end. It is therefore like the last hug of this century that has to offer with new things. The way Lynch captivates these characters is the bridge that creates good TV dramas. Later, both Lost and Sopranos, for the fans who admired Lynch’s work, took a head to watch this series in detail to find the hints that Lynch hidden. In truth, if anyone watched this movie in both seasons, then they knew that Lynch didn’t hide anything. Still, Otto Premiere’s 1944 film Laura became a hot movie that disappeared from the shelf of the video store all the time during Twin Peaks’ show due to fans. Believe that the storyline of one of the main characters, Laura Palmer, is fully inspired Comes from the movie But in the end, both movies have nothing to do with each other.

The style of the series is the best indication of why it’s so appealing. How does it look Probably like inside Ronald Reagan’s brain, sometimes like a person with amnesia Sometimes, like normal people, the ruddy colors of wood and earth tones are used in the series. This is considered the primary tone. That will be buried in your memory If Lynch decides to open a paint shop, then His shop must be an expert in mixing such shades. Which here we call it “In honor of the psychologist Sigmund Freud, we don’t have to wonder why watching this TV series feels like sitting in a freakish late night movie or feeling like watching a movie that is so obscene

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