Cycling in the Netherlands

Cycling in the Netherlands is not as scary as you think because there are 35,000 kilometers of red bike routes, most bicycle lanes are separated from the main road. Smooth and padded with tires for the driver to feel at ease Bicycle support structure is fully available. Whether it is on a large bridge, crossing a river, crossing, or connecting the city. In addition, the Netherlands has bicycle-specific traffic lights. Even Google Maps in the Netherlands also has bike routes. Importantly, there is an enormous space for parking bicycles at all access points.

After World War 2, the Netherlands was heavily invaded by cars. The number of riders is continually decreasing. traffic jam The city is crowded with 4-wheeled vehicles. In 1971, the car killed around 3,300 riders and over 400 children under 14, leading to massive protests under the main slogan. ‘Stop the murder of children’. The oil crisis makes bicycle city proposals more reasonable. The project to return the city to bicycles to start slowly Starting with the announcement of Car-free Sundays, which has been successful since 1975, the Dutch government has begun to invest in bicycle infrastructure and continuously developed until now.

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