What is Rare Earth?

Rare Earth is an important mineral used in the production of high-tech products. China threatens to suspend exports to the United States After breaking the trade relations with Huawei.

Rare earth is a mineral that is essential to the production of various high technology products such as mobile phones Flat-screen TV Including missiles. As has been defined by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry), or IUPAC, has defined a total of 17 rare or rare earth elements, all of which belong to the Lanthanide group. Combined with scandium and yttrium, a rare light metal Due to the tendency that Will occur in iron ore as well as elements in the lanthanide group And have similar chemical properties.

However, rare earth elements are abundant inside the earth’s crust. Which contains Cerium, which is the most abundant element, about 25 parts per 68 million, like copper Because of their geochemical properties Rare minerals are very separate and not concentrated. Which makes these rare earth elements And with this rarity Causing rare elements to be expensive and causing a lot of shortages The first rare mineral to be discovered is a dolphinite. Which contains cerium, ytterium, iron, silicon and other compounds. This mineral is taken from the mines of the village of Ytterby in Sweden. Which later adopted the name of this village to name the element Iterbium.

Nowadays, rare elements such as Yttrium and Europium are very important for iPhone’s functionality because they are used in the phone’s battery. As well as helping the color of the display screen look good And cause the phone to vibrate from calls. Enter or have various notifications by these two elements, although a small part of the main components of the phone But is considered very rare for big business That requires the production of large quantities.

From 1994 to 2017, China is the country that has produced these rare elements in the world. But in the meantime Canada is also the largest exporter of aluminum to the United States. In the past, Apple is planning to cancel the use of these rare elements in the production of the next generation iPhone by switching to recycled materials instead.

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