10 daily food items that cause cancer

Eating junk food is the first risk factor for cancer. Although it tastes great while eating But in the long run, it can seriously destroy many parts of the health. However, there are some foods that are bad for you as well as junk food and can cause cancer as well. How serious it is You might not quite expect it.

Here, we would like to list 10 common food items that are risk factors for causing cancer and we eat as normal on a daily basis. In parallel with the introduction of a healthy diet as a replacement option.

1. Soda

Soda contains a lot of sugar. In which sugar acts as a fuel for cancer But even without sugar soda, it’s still a bad thing for you. Because it contains synthetic substances in the coloring and flavoring. The synthetic dyes are Caramel IV , a chemical 4-MI which substances cause cancer. Which is a substance obtained from the reaction process of ammonia.

2. Grilled with red meat

While the taste of grilled red meat is loved by many people Scientists have discovered that cooking at high temperatures creates hydrocarbons that cause cancer. Due to the process of chemical changes and the molecular structure of the meat. Healthy alternatives – eat red meat in small amounts as necessary Or change to eat white meat such as chicken.

3. Popcorn from the microwave

Diacetyl substance makes the taste of popcorn that goes out of the microwave, delicious when leaving the oven. But while heating, this substance will become a serious poison to humans Also, the substances lining the popcorn bags are carcinogens. And finally, popcorn is not the food that the producers need to report if there are any raw materials that have been trimmed or modified. Which means that there are opportunities that can be achieved. Healthy alternatives – buy organic corn kernels and make popcorn in a conventional oven using olive oil. Or use a popcorn maker specifically.

4. Canned food (especially tomatoes)

Canned food is dangerous because the inside of the can is coated with BPA , a substance that damages our hormonal systems. In a test in mice, the brain cells of the brain were destroyed. Especially scary is canned tomatoes Because its acids cause the BPA to come off and infiltrate the food inside, causing serious adverse effects on health.

5. Hydrogenated oil

These vegetable oils are extracted by chemical processes. Which has a dangerous level of omega-6 fatty acids that can damage the structure of the cell membrane and cause cancer.

6. Fish from aquaculture farms (especially salmon)

Although natural salmon contains a lot of good proteins, more than 60% of the salmon consumed in America comes from aquaculture farms. Which is fed by food that is full of antibiotics and pesticides Therefore, these substances will accumulate in the fish. And also pass into the human body after eating fish.

7. Synthetic sweeteners

Almost all synthetic sweeteners are produced by chemical processes. And there isn’t enough research to really know whether it’s safe or not Some studies have suggested that sweeteners cause DKP (Diketopiperazine) toxins in the body. And is the main cause of brain tumors.

8. White polished powder

White flour is made from the chemical processes used to produce does not help increase nutritional value. And worse, the polishing process that requires chlorine gas to get white. The white flour is also full of carbohydrates, which can easily be converted into sugar. And sugar is a great food for cancer in your body.

Healthy alternatives – choose unhealthy whole wheat flour for cooking And carefully read the product labels to find out how much the packaging has been scrubbed.

9. Common fruit, or may be called “contaminated” fruit

The fruits and vegetables themselves are good for health. But if it is sprayed with pesticides In this case, it may be anything, such as an herbicide Altrazine, which is banned in Europe because it causes many diseases in humans. But still widely used in America However, the Campaign for Environment (EWG) found that more than 98% of the fruit grown in general. Was contaminated with insecticides, which are causes of cancer.

10. Processed meat

This include bacon, hot dogs, sausages, and meat in various vacuum packages. This type of meat production process requires the addition of salt and many dangerous chemicals. Especially nitrate and nitrite to preserve the meat for a long time Although the chemicals added are consistent with the requirements, they pose serious health risks. Healthy alternatives – eat organic meat and choose the least processed products that do not contain preservatives. As well as don’t forget to wash and cook food carefully.

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