About Game Mechanics Design Detail

This will tell you about design detail and some guideline information about it. About “games”

1.1        Mechanisms and rules of the game

Jim Thompson and others (JimThompson et al., 2007: 13) discussed the mechanism And the rules of the game, “rules” or what the game designers call “game mechanics” is the origin of game play (Game Play) and the system to keep the game going, such as throwing dice in the snake ladder game ( Snakes and Ladders), which results in an indeterminate odds and distance determination, while using chess pieces to cross over an opponent in chess is to cause the opponent’s pieces to exit the game. The relationship of a series of mechanisms and consistent. Therefore summarizing the important characteristics of The mechanics of the game are as follows:

1.1.1 Luck is an opportunity that is not fixed. It is a result that players cannot control, usually in the form of dice throwing or handing cards.

1. 1. 2 Strategy (Strategy) is the ability of players to plan or move in the game will be set results

1.1.3 Diplomatic is the interaction of players, such as whether they are cooperative or not, or at what point they will stop cooperating. And turned to do for his own benefit

1. 1.4 Resource management is for the players to plan to use the resources appropriately to achieve the goal or victory. For example, if the resources are used, it may be unable to continue playing. Or hoarding for too long may be a waste of opportunity.                               

1.1.5 Territory control In games like this, space control is often important. The players should have the protection and development of the players’ area while also trying to find a way to block the chances of the opponent not to do the same.

1. 1.6 Goals and rewards (Goal) such as self-goal, competitors, skill training, goal, playing for fun or killing time, which in this type of goal are often met with Design modern games in the form of mobile or African applications.

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