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Video game type ( A Video game games Genres ) an assortment of video games by playing interactive games over the different visual or narrative. The video game genre is defined as a set of gaming challenges. And is classified regardless of the scene or content in the game world. Unlike crafted works such as movies or books, for example, action games are still considered action games, whether they occur in a fantasy world or in space.

In the study of the game Considered a lack of consensus in order to find an agreement to define the type of game officially Some things are being watched more. Just like general taxonomy In the video game category, it needs clarity. Most video games have obstacles to overcome. Therefore, video games can be divided based on overcoming mostly similar obstacles.

The following list is some of the most commonly used video game types, with a brief description, and examples of these content are not yet comprehensive: Chris Crawford says, “The situation of computer game design has changed dramatically. Therefore, we should prepare ourselves that this taxonomy is outdated and not good enough. “

Like an assortment of almost all things The specific issue in each video game is open for personal interpretation. But it is important to think that each game can be classified in many categories at the same time

Action Game ( Action a).
Action games rely on auto-response, accuracy, and timing for players to overcome obstacles. May be considered the most common game compared to other types of games And of course the most widely known An action game with a focus on combat Action games have many more sub-categories, such as fighting games and first-person shooter games.

Game Action – Adventure ( Action a-Adventure).
Action – adventure games combine the elements of two types of games, most of which have obstacles in the long run, requiring equipment or items (which have already been collected) as well as many small obstacles along the way. Which requires elements of action games to overcome. Action – adventure games seem to focus on search and are often about the collection of Solve simple puzzles and fight. “Action – Adventure ” became a name for games that are not classified in other popular games.

The first action – adventure game belongs to Atari2006, Adventure (1979). It is very inspired by adventure games using Colossal Cave Adventure. Designer Warren Robinett created this new type of game during the process. Modifying games using typing to console games using joytick Be a controller. When console video games are prevalent and without real adventure games, gamers are often confused. Call the action – adventure game as an adventure game.

Adventure games ( the Adventure )
Adventure games are one game that has been created since the beginning. Beginning with the 1970s type of Colossal Cave Adventure typing game, at first the game name was simply set to “Adventure”, which is also the name of the game type. Later, he introduced graphics and began to develop the interface of adventure games, unlike adventure movies that were not defined according to the story or content. But the word adventure Is a description of the gameplay without automatic response to obstacles or battles Often allowing players to solve many types of puzzles by interacting with people or the environment Most of which are non-confrontational Is considered a game type that “The most innocent” and do not put anything in addition to the fighting factors that are added to the mini game

Because there is putting pressure on the players in the form of battles, matches or timers Adventure games therefore have distinctive characteristics. And attract people who don’t normally play video games This type of game was extremely famous in 1993 when it was released. Myst, which is the number one selling PC game

Normal games, point and click interface with real-world details and casual gameplay make it easy for people to understand and feel artistic in nature. Causing the sources like Wired Magazine , The New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle to praise that the gaming industry has grown completely

It has 4 sequels, but it does not succeed at the same level. The success of Myst inspired others to create a similar game, with a first-person perspective. There is a surreal environment. Had little or no dialogue But no game is as successful as Myst or the famous adventure game before.

In the late 1990s, this type of game experienced a monsoon, with the decline in popularity. There are almost no games released on the market. And many people declare that adventure games have lost popularity. To be clear is It has become a niche game. Adventure games aren’t all strange. And appeared to be built at a very low budget to wait for steady sales in 1999. This type of game recovered slightly when the Longest Journey was released, which emphasized more intense content and interacted with many characters. up Soon, the return to the trend of adventurous games from Nintendo seems to be a sign that this type of game is becoming more interesting.

Simulation Games
Simulation games are many more categorized games. But generally being designed to simulate aspects of truth that are real or fiction. City-building simulation game and Management ( Other Construction And Management simulation-).

City building simulation and management games (or CMS) are a type of simulation game in which the player is responsible for building Expand and manage societies or projects that are created from limited resources.

In a city building game The player will act as the whole planner or leader, allowing the character to get what he wants or needs, beginning to build for food, shelter, health, care, feelings Economic growth, etc. will be successful when the city budget grows as profits and living populations elevate the areas of residence. Health and belongings While military development is often included, it will focus more on economic strength. The game is probably best known in this category of SimCity which remains popular and has a huge influence on the game build cities later SimCity has been classified in the genre of God ( the God Games Developer ) because the players are. Talent like the creator of the world. Caesar is a long series of games in this genre, which is divided into 3 sequels.

Business simulation games ( A Business Simulation The) general economic or business model will try to give players control of the game.

Government Simulation (or “political game”) (Government customers or Add simulation- Political game games) involved in replication, politics, government or politics in the country. But normally there would be no war Not too long ago, this type of game began to be nicknamed ” Serious games”.

Game Battle Plan (Strategy’s).
Strategy games focus on gameplay that requires thoughtful and thoughtful planning and skills to win. Andrew Rollings says that most battle planning games “Players will have a godlike view of the game world by controlling the armies under indirect orders. Rollings also said that “The origins of the strategy game are based on the board game”

The battle strategy game uses 1 of the 4 prototypes depending on whether the game is played round by one or real time. And whether the game focuses on strategy or military strategy, the real-time strategy game Usually it is a game of many groups of people. (The characters in the game can be selected multiple by one at a time to make different faces. Which is different from choosing only one character at a time) with a view from the sky (Viewed from above), but new games, some games like EndWar Tom Clancy’s games are selected in the same group ( Single UNIT Selection) and a third ( THIRD, Person View ) strategy game much easing. from play one round (turn based systems) to play the real-time system (real-time systems’s ) as well as many other games, RPG games.

While most video games are designed for entertainment Many other video games were designed for other purposes. These purposes are different, as does the type of information itself – to tell. Persuade or stimulate These games have any way to play. From puzzle games, action games to adventure games

Adult video games ( under Adult Video game games).
Adult video games are like movies or other media of adults that are intended to make adults watch. In general, the purpose of adult games is to provide erotic entertainment rather than just playing games. There are many types of adult games that may not attract the mainstream and are only offered in certain groups. The goal of adult games may be different from the mainstream video games, where admiration is based on a pure nude presentation. Partially nude Or sex activities rather than scoring etc. Some games may focus on comedy or stories rather than stimulation Or may have normal play but consists of nude images

Advertising game ( Advergame)
Advertising games in the context of video game genres refer to promotional software created specifically for advertising corporate products or perspectives.The first advertising game is a floppy disk distributed by well-known brands like Chef Boyardee, Coca. -Cola and Samsung, while the first advertising game on the serial box was Chex Quest in 1996. Most advertising games are found online and are usually Flash games. Which is easy to build and not complicated

Game Art
The game is designed to stimulate artistic or art structures that are intended to interact with non-educational games ( Non-Ludological Reaction) per game art often have their own unique look. Looks weird and stands out for its aesthetic aesthetics and complex designs. This concept extends to the group of applied art games. (modded) when there is a game application that is not an art game which already exists to create graphics intended to be viewed as an artistic presentation Which is different from the application intended to change the playing scene or the storytelling Applied art games created for artistic purposes sometimes mean “Video game art”

Casual game
Casual games have simple rules and techniques to play and little planning. No need to spend a long time playing or using special skills to play. Easy to learn and play in free time Is a game that the manufacturer does not have high production and distribution costs compared to others. Casual games are often played online on websites and personal computers, but are becoming popular on the console too. The purpose of casual games is for entertainment and there are less obligations than other games.

Christian game ( by Christian games)
Christian games have two purposes: to spread Christianity to unbelievers through video game media, and to allow Christian players to play many simple games without challenging their beliefs or offending them. The first Christian game was developed by Wisdom Tree for the NES system without a license. Despite the fact that it is said that the name is copied from the mainstream gaming culture. But the Christian game has continued to expand since its inception.

Educational games
Educational games, as mentioned in the name, want to teach users by using games as a medium. The goal of this type of game is mainly for young users from an early age 3 years until mid-teens Because when going through the middle of the teens, the topic becomes more complicated, making teaching through games often ineffective. There are many sub-categories divided according to branches such as mathematics or typing.

Sport Electrolyte lectronic sports games are multiplayer games that are played professionally. The goal of this game is often in the “hardcore” audience and is a first-person shooter that requires sudden reaction speed and collaboration. Or is a real-time strategy game that uses high-level management strategies, both small and large

The game’s mixer

Game Excerpt (mixing the word “Exercise” with the word “Game”) is a video game for exercise. The game excerpt is divided into 2 results: games that are specifically designed to be installed with exercise equipment (For example, Wii Fit games that use the Wii Balance Board) with games that yield results due to the type of game played Games that are categorized as entertainment and similar to games, will be classified as “entertainment” (from the word “entertainment”). “Exercise” and the word “Entertainment”)

“Ex Entertainment” means the nature of adding entertainment to exercise.

Serious games
Serious game intended to educate or train players. These games want to promote “science education, social change Health maintenance or even military. “Some games do not have endings or certain goals Players can play, learn, learn real life lessons from the game. For example Games from websites like and That use the special features of the game to create political issues.

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