Good Logo Design Techniques

Simple principles for designing a professional looking on logo… Do you need any special help? or What are the principles?

The beautiful logos of many popular brands are popular. Where did he get the idea? Must start from Let’s find the answer. The principle of logo design is different from general graphic design in that the logo must be used with the product brand. Must therefore consider that business What kind of media will be posted? What do you want to communicate with customers? And have to think about making it easy for customers to remember that logo If not doing well May cause customers to be confused with competing brands Principles of good logo design Can be summarized into 6 main points as follows:

1. A good logo must convey emotions. Before choosing colors, choosing shapes, you must first know what emotions you want the logo to communicate. The mood you choose should also match the look of the brand. For example, the Disney logo represents fun and optimism. With curved characters making it look fun and in line with cute cartoon brands

2. The logo must mean what the business is about. For example, will see an orange arrow pointing from under the A to Z. Amazon can sell everything from A to Z except This curved orange arrow Still like a smile Represents the customer’s face to smile when receiving the desired product.

3. Must look modern Logo design must take into consideration that in 5 – 10 years, the logo will still look good. Choice of logos according to trends Is a bad idea Because these trends are not long and may look like The color scheme is similar, full of Look uniquely

4. A good logo must be unique and easily recognizable. Easy test method Whether the logo is easy to remember or difficult, that is, try to give the logo to a friend. After 1 week, go back and ask your friend what the logo looked like. People who have never seen a logo before can help tell which parts of our logo are easy to remember. Logos similar to other logos may confuse people. And can remember the brand alternating with other people’s brands

5. Must look good when doing black and white The black-and-white logo design ensures that the resulting logo is easily recognizable in shape. Without having to rely on good logo colors, which are the logos that customers can tell what the brand is Just see the shape

6. A good logo must be seen when it is minimized. Because the logo may be used in media that is limited in space Need to make the logo easy to read when it is minimized.

The 6 principles mentioned above are not fixed rules. It’s just a way to make logo designs easier. Before designing a logo every time, explore the following 6 points that should help make our logo to be a better logo. Check out the examples of fun logo games, mobile games, play comfortably at home together. Click now.

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