How to make a website beautiful to the liking of viewers?

How to make a website beautiful? This is a question that many web owners People are looking for answers which, first of all. Who is creating a website? Or owning a website, you are now 1 in a billion of all websites Of course, 1.8 billion will include websites that viewers are interested and websites that nobody cares about So where are the differences between these two types of websites.

The latest statistical data in 2019 reveals behavior And the response of website visitors that They like various websites, with what factors or indicators? Feedback in this section is important information that webmasters should know. To improve and continue to make our website more appealing to users But how to make a beautiful website? What to do? Let’s see.

0.05 seconds Website Death Indicator

Statistical data revealed that The average time that website visitors decide to stay or close is about 50 milliseconds, or only 0.05 seconds (faster than the blink of an eye!). “Chicken is beautiful because of feathers. Beautiful people because of customizing. “Think of a website as a person. To create a First Impression appearance, we must look good first, so the design on the web page is important to help you survive from the time of 0.05 seconds indicated. Possible

“Design” is a factor that makes 94% off the web.

Web Design is a leading cause that directly affects website traffic. As I said in the previous section, creating a good First Impression is important. Because if the viewer is not impressed with the website at first sight They will not come back again. Which points out that If keeping viewers on the web And the satisfaction Design your own website well.

85% of users think that Mobile open website Must be better than opening on a computer

The internet usage of smartphones currently has a higher proportion than internet access! Therefore, in the past, most websites had to design a webpage to fit the Desktop screen, but nowadays Design needs to be adapted to the screen of the portable device Which, if any website that is accessed via a smartphone, does not display well enough That website will be swept away immediately.

The solution is to adjust the website layout to be Responsive Design in which the website will change the size. And the format according to the device being opened, such as opening on a mobile device, will display one result As for opening on a tablet or PC, it will display another result, for example.

38% of the audience will not have any interaction With all websites If the content or Layout is not attractive, click Continue.

If your website visitors arrive at the point of scrolling through content that means Your web design has passed the 0.05 second mark. But the next thing to look at is the layout, content placement And the style of the content itself The survey revealed that over 38% of viewers will close the website immediately. If the content is not interesting And the layout is not attractive. Therefore, layout must be given importance.

88% of customers will not return to the site they don’t like the first time.

With the online world, there are many websites to choose from. Make the users feel that they have enough options Causing any websites that are not happy from the first opening The user will close immediately. And never coming back What is the cause? Go back to read the first 4 points.

77% of agencies believe that a bad website UX is the weakest link for clients.

UX is an acronym for User Experience or Experience. The formatting of the website or the interface is not good and not attractive enough. Will cause the incoming audience to press back immediately

39% of users will close the web immediately if the image has a problem.

If the image on the web is too large Will cause the image to load slowly Or if the image has a problem May not make the image Both of these problems are what causes the viewer to immediately close the website, so be sure to check the size of the images and images on the website to see if they still show good results.

47% of users allow a maximum of 2 seconds to wait for the image to be loaded.

Although using large images will give a high resolution, the pictures are beautiful and look charming. But with the large file size, it may cause viewers using the internet slowly. Unable to load images In which the image is waiting to be loaded slowly Will cause viewers to close the webpage entirely because they don’t want to wait Which the time that most viewers will wait patiently is … 2 seconds! If you don’t want your SEO rankings to fall apart Make the image load within 2 seconds

2.6 billion Is the money lost from the problem of a slow loading page (For product sales websites)

Make a website to sell all of the products on the homepage. Because I want customers to see a lot of products, add full review photos Want customers to have confidence Or create long pages In order to see what is worth tracking, etc. These details will affect Page Speed ​​or page loading speed And if customers click on the website And the page loads very slowly Do not have to guess the answer whether the customer is still waiting Because of the size, just waiting to load the image Customers still wait only 2 seconds.

75% of users will judge the reliability of the company from the website

“Having a website can help build credibility for an organization or company.” This statement is not an exaggeration. Because most users will judge the reliability of that company From easy-to-visit websites when we shop online And found interesting products In addition to finding reviews We will have to go to see products from the websites of that brand. To check that Real sales, right? They really exist, right? So we don’t get tricked. And if any brand does not have a website to guarantee the customers’ needs at this point Sales may immediately drop.

2.6 seconds is the average time that viewers see the part that appeals to them the most.

In addition to passing the 0.05-second checkpoint, layout and images, the next checkpoint is the most prominent feature on the webpage that will enable viewers to understand immediately that Who is this website and what is it doing? This is an important part that users will see the most. The average time they will look at this part is 2.6 seconds, so create a point of interest. And explain your identity in 2.6 seconds is great

5.94 seconds is the time that viewers view the main image on the webpage.

The thing that catches the eye of the most viewers when visiting the website is “pictures”. Viewers will look at the main image that appears on the first page. (Mostly the first image on the web) in an average time of about 5.94 seconds, which should be the image that communicates with the viewer And create a good understanding of the brand as well

5.59 seconds is the time that viewers read rough content on a webpage.

For just 5.59 seconds, it might not look like reading a skimming and understanding the text. But this time around, if we have the right helper Will make the audience stay on our website for a longer time, that is to use pictures + letters. Let’s say that the visitors come and want to read marketing articles. If only the letters Probably not attracting a lot of people But if using the image as a component Should be more effective And may also make viewers decide to click to visit other pages On the webpage to find the information you need too

70% of small business websites don’t have a CTA button.

The CTA or Call to Action button is considered an important tool in online marketing. Because it is a button that helps us screen those who are interested Or customers right away The format of the CTA button to be pressed depends on the business of the website that sells something, such as selling electronics with a 20% discount. There may be a promotion tag. Or end with Buy today, 20% off immediately with the button below that says Buy Now! Like this for example

Content that is laid out with beautiful images More people read than content that is full of only text.

When making content on a blog or article page The image should be laid out. Or video clips that help viewers switch behavior from reading to watching. Because more than 2 in 3 viewers like articles that are not just text. In addition, the writing style should be easy to digest. Read and not difficult to understand And not too complicated So be able to attract the audience to stay with us

94% of the first First Impression design is an important factor

It cannot be denied that the look and feel of the website can have a big impact on the audience because First Impression from 94% of users has design factors such as usage, content layout, and navigation. Site or illustration

46% of users judge the credibility of that website from beauty site

Everything about design, such as layout, font, image, color usage, etc. All of these factors all affect the audience in the first sight. It can be seen that creating a website may not be difficult, but designing and laying out the structure for your website is even more difficult, so plan your website design best. Do not think that a website is just a technology that is not important. Because if you make the website correctly and liking customers ensure that your business will certainly grow far.

Mostly people do and think about this development so far.

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