What is UX’s role?

UX’s role is to connect the team.

Actually, the duties of UX in each company are not the same.Some companies use UX to analyze, to not draw Wireframe.Some companies give UX the main function is to draw Wireframe. So I only found that the important role that UX tends to be unaware of is to connect all teams together.

Talking to each other with a User Center is like a good idea, and every company and every department should already think like this. But from the previous chapter, The power pillar to create a program that says that there are three sides: business, development, and design. Not easy

Users are always forgotten. Because each side has experienced so much in their own lines that they have a specific perspective on their side The deeper it gets, the easier it is to forget users. Especially at the meeting When it started when the conversation wasn’t perfect Each side will leverage their own settler to use. Business departments refer to market research, refer to customers, KPI, or ultimate settlers. If the business department has a higher position, then everyone must agree.

The development department is also noisy because it is the person who started the construction. Therefore, if this side refers to technical problems Or the limitations of the tools chosen Or the settler of development time (Many times referring to Agile at all), which the other parties would probably not understand until finally agreed to.

The design department often has the least noise. Unless the workplace is very important in design, designers can use tools such as Persona or User Journey. But as I have seen, designers often use other settlers instead, such as an excuse of aesthetics or the duration of creation. Which is difficult to handle and seems to be an excuse to understand.

If each party uses their own tools It is difficult for others to understand. When not understanding, they will use their own tools to use Causing more escalation Finally, find a solution by means of compromise. With no users in the equation.

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