First Love: My Wife Please Remarry


She slept with the best looking man in Jiangcheng, and he reluctantly took responsibility. He said that after getting married, the two were irrelevant, but he turned into a wife and slave, holding her to the top of his heart. When she fell into the love he weaved, she realized that all this was nothing but a conspiracy. Overnight, falling from heaven to hell, taking the divorce certificate in his hand, she turned and left. He thought he didn’t care, but he didn’t know that love had deepened into his bones.

When he met her again, he blocked her, “Mrs. Rong, please remarry.” “Sorry, I already have a boyfriend.” “Mrs. Rong, please remarry.” “Sorry, I’m not interested.” Rejected a hundred times, does she want to go to heaven? For the one hundred and first time, he rolled up his sleeves and resisted going home.

Love first and love: my wife please remarry
Associated Names: 先宠后爱:老婆大人请复婚
Feng Qiqi
Genres: President, Modern Romance
Year: 2018
Status: ongoing

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