Black-Bellied President is Paranoid


She held up the man’s handsome face, and said with shame: Gu Mingxuan, you are so shameless! He stared at her under him dissatisfiedly: It seems that you are not satisfied, so do it again! Five years ago, a conspiracy brought them together. Five years later, the two met and did not know each other. She became the mother of two adorable babies. He was the chief president of TK Multinational Group. He was not close to women until she accidentally crushed him and took away his first kiss…

He said: Your child I sold you, and I will stay here to help me treat my illness. She gritted her teeth, these two unscrupulous little villains! Staring at him again: What’s your illness? He smiled evilly and pushed her down: Don’t you know if you try it?

It is said that this attempt was unsuccessful. This woman could cure his illness, sweet and relieve the fire. From then on, the arrogant and unpleasant female president hugged her without losing his feet, holding her as a treasure. I don’t think a woman is too spoiled to fly into the sky, she even ran away with the ball… but where can she escape?

Mengbao is coming: Black-bellied president is paranoid
Associated Names: 萌宝来袭:腹黑总裁偏执爱
Hongyu Rubing
Genres: President, Modern Romance
Year: 2019
Status: ongoing

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