Lookism Episode 16

At Dressing room, the boy began to participate in the performance of makeup in full swing and the final preparations, Wen Shuai nervously sat motionless, Tao Qiao comfort he believes he will be able to relax in. A car slowly stopped near the summer camp. Chen Hubin came down from the car and blamed the assistant for not welcoming him with flowers and applause. The assistant apologized again and again.

It was the turn of Tuowen Shuai to play. Under the illumination of many spotlights, Tuowian Shuai stood in the middle of the stage and didn’t know what to do. Tao Qiao was sweating for him. Just as Tuowen Shuai was so overwhelmed, the classmates cheered, and the girls saw Hu Bin coming and screaming and screaming. Hu Bin took the stage and greeted all the classmates. Hu Bin, who had not yet debuted, lived as an artist and enjoyed all the fascination and cheers of his classmates. He did not hesitate to hand the microphone to Tuowian Shuai. He gave up the stage. Qi Guang and He Na saw very angry in the audience. Although Wen Shuai knew that this was a shameful face, he always had such a weak personality, and he did not do too much care.

After the party, the class teacher said to Hu Bin that he had made a flattering words. Hu Bin also said that he was grateful to the class teacher, but he was very disgusted after the class teacher left. He also said that the class teacher was a greasy middle-aged aunt. The agent asked him not to comment in the future, and it was not good to be found on the Internet. Hu Bin did not put it in his heart.

In the evening, Tao Qiao and Tuowu Shuai were chatting outside. Tao Qiao comforted him not to take this matter to heart. On the first night, he sat alone with Tao Qiao and chatted. Tuowen Shuai was very happy. Back to the dormitory lying in bed is still raising his mouth, Qi Guang asked him not to have been in the convenience store to take a vacation, why still sleep so early. Tu Wenshuai suddenly had some headaches. The severe headache made him unable to self. He stumbled and walked out the door. Qi Guang spoke to him, and he completely ignored it.

Tuowu Shuai walked out the wall and accidentally found a bottle of wine in the basket. He opened the bottle and drunk directly. All went downstairs to the grass, the coach found that he was drinking alcohol and took the bottle from his hand. The next day, when Qi Guang asked him if he remembered drinking last night, Wen Shuai did not remember it at all. Qi Guang felt that the moment when these days, Wen Shuai’s move was completely different, and Wen Shuai was worried. Not that the body is out of control.

Tuowen Shuai heard that Tao Qiao’s leg was injured and he rushed to the infirmary. In the infirmary, the coach personally gave Tao Qiaobing a place where the leg was injured. Tao Qiao felt weird and politely refused. When two people were deadlocked, Tuowu Shuai arrived, and the coach handed the ice bag to Tuowen. Handsome will leave. For the rest of the time, Tuowian Shuai swayed with his injured Tao Qiao on his bicycle, and the students were happy to play in the pool. He Na heard that there would be a game of guts in the evening. She specially bought two bottles of water for the instructor. I wanted the coach to divide her and Tuowen in a group. When the game started, He Na found that she really Tuowu Shuai is divided together.

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