Lookism Episode 17

Tao Qiao and Meng Qi were assigned to a group. When they were playing, the signs were moved. The two people walked into the wrong position, so the more they went forward, the darker they were, the more they could not see clearly. The flashlight had no electricity at this time. Tao Qiao’s foot injury had not healed. Meng Qi was very afraid of black. The two men really encountered a big problem this time. Tao Qiao’s legs were getting more and more painful, in order to find reinforcements. Meng Qi had to leave her and run back first.

Many of my classmates have gone back. I have only lost Tao Qiao and Meng Qi. Everyone is very worried. Tuowu Shuai is back with a fake pretending He Na. I heard that Tao Qiao and Meng Qi are gone, he is in a hurry with many The boys are looking for. Qi Guang wants to get the walkie-talkie from the coach room, so that when they look for something, they can know each other. When they are looking for the walkie-talkie, Qi Guang finds the sub-group’s book, which should be Tuowu Shuai and Tao Qiao. In a group, but was replaced, Qi Guang angrily took the book to ask He Na, how is it, He Na said that she knows who changed the list, she thought it should be replaced by Hao Ge instructors.

At this time, the girls’ dormitory was screaming. They found that they had several pinhole cameras in the dormitory. No wonder the photos of many bare legs in the girls’ dormitory were lost. Qi Guang hurriedly called Vasco. Two people were very angry when they saw the pinhole camera. They went to the instructor’s dormitory to find clues. Qi Guang found a U disk in the closet, and there were a lot of sneak photos in the U disk. Zhihao told him that the URL that circulated the photo was a name called “Viper”, and Qi Guang guessed that it should be the viper instructor.

Thinking of the two girls are in danger, Qi Guang and Vasco rushed to the police. The instructor of Hao Ge saw that Meng Qi, who came out first, let her go back first. Meng Qi was a little surprised. Why didn’t she let her go together to find a trick? Tuowu Shuai and Zhen Cheng also knew that the snake was a metamorphosis, and also photographed a lot of photos of Tao Qiao. Zhen Cheng and Tu Wenshuai are very angry. Two people went together to find Meng Qi and Tao Qiao.

The viper instructor saw Meng Qi. He asked Meng Qi to go looking for Tao Qiao. Meng Qi saw him strange and didn’t want to promise him. The snake took her and asked her to go back and look for it. The two men began to argue, and Zhencheng saw that the poison tongue was in the wrong way and kicked him off. Wen Shuai asked him and Qi Guang to twist the snake into the mountain, and then went to the mountain to find Tao Qiao.

The viper was taken away by the police car. Meng Qi was very grateful. The police began to investigate the scene. When he left, he gave him a photo of a wanted man, and asked them to put the photo on the wall. Qi Guang felt that the man in front of him seemed to have seen it. Meng Qi took it and recognized it. This person is a Hulk instructor. Usually she took the instructor to take off the glasses, he is the one who looks like this. When I heard Meng Qi say this, Zhen Cheng and Qi Guang began to panic. They quickly used the walkie-talkie to inform Wen Shuai that they must pay attention to Hao Ge. That person is a pervert.

Wen Shuai heard a shock, just now he also heard Hao Ge and Tao Qiao together, now it is really a sheep into the tiger’s mouth, he desperately ran to the log cabin to open the door, see Tao Qiao fainted On the ground, the bastard Hao Ge is solving the button on her body.

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