Lookism Episode 18

Tao Qiao found that he liked the body of Tuo Wen Shuai Shuai Shuai

Qi Wenshuai struggled to rush, but it was not the opponent of Hao Ge. After being stunned by several fists of Hao Ge, fat Wen Shuai woke up from home. In order to quickly save Tao Qiao , he fell asleep with an instant second sleep artifact, and then quickly returned. To the body of Tuowen handsome . After Tu Wenshuai reawakened, his head was very painful. He was no longer Tuowian Shuai, and his fists rushed to Hao Ge like rain. Finally, Wen Shuai successfully saved Tao Qiao, two people excitedly together.

Returning to campus life, Tuowian Shuai found that Tao Qiao seemed to be deliberately hiding from him every time he saw him. In order to avoid him when he took the bus, even the bus was wrong. Tu Wenshuai felt very puzzled and wanted to ask what happened. In the evening, Tao Qiao came to the supermarket to buy things. Fat Wenshuai asked her why she always stayed in the house. Tao Qiao was also very depressed. She said softly that every time he saw him, he was very nervous. Maybe he liked this boy named Tuowue Shuai. It is.

Hearing that Tao Qiao said, Wen Shuai was very happy and finally won the heart of Tao Qiao, but because the other party likes Tuowu Shuai, he is a little lost, or the handsome and handsome Tuowu Shuai can be more like Tao Qiao. Meng Qi saw that Tao Qiao had some abnormalities recently. She didn’t like dressing up on weekdays. Now she cares about the length of the skirt. In addition, the lipstick is wiped and wiped, wiped and rubbed. In addition, she just saw Tuowen Shuai coming over to eat with her. The nervous rice was dumped. She was questioning which boy Tao Tao saw, and after getting her answer, Meng Qi quickly took her to the barber shop to make a haircut, let her courage to confess to Tuowen Shuai.

Qi Guang saw that Tu Wenshuai was tangled every day. He didn’t say that he was chasing after the beauty was not happy, and he was not happy when he didn’t catch up. Tuowu Shuai said that he did not know how to do this. He heard that Tao Qiao said that he likes himself. He is sweet and sad in his heart, but now it is better not to tell her true identity. Qi Guang sat on the side and asked him what he liked in the end. When Duo Wenshuai wanted to pour out all, Qi Guang and he interrupted him sadly, let him stop talking.

One day, Tao Qiao took out a movie ticket and asked Tuo Wenshuai if he wanted to watch a movie with her. Tuowen handsomely responded with a red face. In fact, he also wanted to go to the cinema together with Tao Qiao. Tao Qiao was happy to wait for him at the cinema early. Tuowu Shuai packed up at home and was about to go out. Suddenly his head was dizzy. This feeling of severe headache has appeared many times recently. Every time he feels pain, someone feels that someone is calling his name, but the name It is not your own. Tuowian handsome groped for the door, and at this time he has become Chris.

Tao Qiao waited for a long time at the entrance of the cinema. He did not see Tuowen Shuai, and called him several times. No one answered there. He was worried that Tuowen Shuai had an accident. Tao Qiao gave Qi Guang a phone call. Did he see Tuowian Shuai? He Na sullenly walked on the street, guessing that Tuo Wenshuai must be watching a movie with Tao Qiao at this time. I didn’t expect to see the Tuo Wenshuai who was coming from the opposite side. She was surprised to call Tuo Wenshuai and asked. He didn’t want to go to the bar with himself. He Na didn’t think that the Tuowu Shuai in front of him had turned into Chris. Chris saw such a charming girl squinting at him. He nodded and turned to the bar with Hena’s shoulder.
Under the faint mottled lights, Chris’s cool dance skills won the cheers of many beautiful women. They embraced Chris’s happy dance. He Na saw him so active for the first time, so he was so open, so he was happy to take a lot of photos with him.

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