Lookism Episode 19

Tu Wenshuai fainted halfway, Gu Qiguang was very anxious, seeing WeChat sent by He Na in the mobile phone of Tuowen Shuai. Gu Qiguang learned from He Na that last night Wen Shuai danced in the bar, it was like changing a person. Gu Qiguang took the initiative to leave a call to He Na, which made He Na very happy, thinking that Gu Qiguang was tempted by himself.

Tuowu Shuai and Tao Qiao are going to watch a movie, because they have forgotten to bring a mobile phone to let Tao Qiao wait. When they were watching a movie, they accidentally touched their hands, and the shy heart beat faster, like a first love. Gu Qiguang did not answer the numerous calls to Tu Wenshuai and Tao Qiao, so he waited at the entrance of the cinema, and Tuowen Shuai and Tao Qiao, who came out, had a meal. Tuowu Shuai suddenly remembered the appointment with Gu Qiguang, and he was sorry to leave Tao Qiao and Gu Qiguang to walk.

Tao Qiao’s sister is a fan of Chen Hubin, hoping that Tao Qiao will help him to sign a photo. Chen Hubin was photographed by the paparazzi, and Bai Dongyuan was very angry. He was also invited back to school. Upon returning to school, it attracted the screams of countless female students.
Bai Dongyuan went to the school to find the principal, and accidentally saw Tuowen Shuai, very surprised, and immediately gave Wen Shuai a business card, hoping that he would consider entering his own entertainment company to cultivate him. Chen Hubin knew that the performance was very disdainful, so that Tuowu Shuai did not have to worry about it, saying that Bai Dongyuan would forget it for a while.

Tao Qiao hopes that Tuo Wenshuai can consider being a star. He does not want him to be buried in the Taobao model. However, Wen Shuai said that he has a lens and stage phobia, not suitable for being an actor. The reason why he can now do so naturally is a model. It is because of Tao Qiao. Tao Qiao heard that Wen Shuai was very happy to stay in his heart. Wen Shuai ran to buy water, but was knocked off by a black man. In the middle of the black man’s palm, a deep knife stunned Wen Shuai. He took off his sunglasses and shouted Wen Shuai as Chris Li. On behalf of Mr. Wu, he said hello to him, Wen Shuai looked wrong, he could not understand English.

When Gu Qiguang came over, the black man changed his mouth and asked a few points. Gu Qiguang fluently answered the past. Wen Shuai feels strange why the black man asked his own question is so long, but did not think much about leaving. Black men and several people wearing the same clothes meet, he used to speak Chinese, and several of them secretly investigated Tu Wenshuai, thinking that he was Chris Lee, and fled after the United States smashed a big disaster.

Bai Dongyuan is also investigating the information of Tu Wenshuai. He found that Tuowian Shuai had only one grandmother who lived by setting up a food stall. The family was very poor. When Fat Wenshuai worked in the supermarket, he received a phone call from Huang Auntie that his grandmother’s food stall was reported. The anxious fat man Shuai borrowed the Qiguang car and immediately rushed back home.

Fat Wenshuai did not see Grandma at the booth. After returning home, she did not see her grandmother. Lost, he saw his grandmother in a garbage disposal office. His heart was very bitter. Grandma could have opened the store, but spending all his money on him led to no money to rent a store. Fat Wenshuai stood in the distance and gave the grandmother a call. I didn’t expect his grandmother to fear that he lied to rest at home and prepare to sleep. He pretended to be very good. After the hard push of the garbage truck to continue moving forward, Wen Shuai looked very sad in his heart, could not help but want to go over several times, was persuaded by Qi Guang, after all, his grandmother must not want Wen Shuai to see what it is.

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