Please Love My Mommy, Daddy


Early in the morning, Miss Lian woke up, only to find a man lying beside her! She decided to preemptively: “I won’t be responsible! Just die this heart!” The enchanting man lay on his side on the bed, “You just want to leave like this? Let outsiders know, how am I going to fuck? After provoking an overbearing man who shouldn’t be offended, Miss Lian hurriedly cleaned up the bedding and ran abroad… N years later, when we met on a narrow road, a ruthless man from a wealthy and enemy country pushed her against the wall and hit her. “Hey, what are you doing? Shameless!”

“Shameless? Who is shameless, ruining my innocence and want to leave?” “Don’t make trouble with the CEO, I am woman with a son now!” “You mean nose, eyes, mouth Is it the one that looks very similar to me?” “You just feel so good about yourself, he has nothing to do with you!” “It doesn’t matter? That’s OK, what do you think of someone who is relevant?” After finishing, he Looking at her condescendingly…

A thought: please love my mommy, daddy
Associated Names: 一念倾情:爹地请疼我妈咪
Tang Yi
Genres: President Rich Modern Romance
Year: 2019
Status: ongoing

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