Democratic Republic of the Congo Detail

Democratic Republic of the Congo

2,344,885 sq. Km. of Africa’s third largest area, after Sudan and Algeria (81 million people)
Official language of French – Lingala Kingwana

Religion – 10 percent (traditional beliefs), 10 percent (Kimbanguist), Christianity 50 percent (Catholicism), 20 percent Christianity (Protestantism), Islam 10 percent
National Day: 30 June
Politics and government – The democratic republic has a president as the country’s head of state. With the Prime Minister as the chief executive

  • Dividing administrative divisions into 25 provinces and 1 city
  • Kinshasa City Capital
  • There are abundant mineral resources such as copper, cobalt, tantalum, gold and diamonds.
  • Primary industry – Mining, smelting, consumer goods, textiles, shoes, cigarettes, food, beverages, cement, ship repair
  • Major export products – Diamond, gold, copper, cobalt, wood products, crude oil, coffee
  • Major export markets – China, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Germany, Egypt
  • Major imported products – Food products, machinery, transportation equipment, fuels
  • Major import markets – South Africa, China, Belgium, France, Uganda
  • Currency of Congo – Franc

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