Knowledge about sales and marketing concepts

Sale is a commercial activity of the business, whether it is big business. Medium or small Or personal business Including various institutions in which sales are important to the livelihood of individuals in society and the economic system of the country. Therefore, there must be agencies or persons involved to oversee by defining the meaning of words that are characteristic of Sales in several perspectives as follows:

“Selling” means “Exchange money”

Sale means transferring the ownership of the property to each other By agreeing that the transferee will use the price of the property

There are many characteristics such as Payment while trading is known as selling cash, Sell ​​by agreeing to collect money at a later date.

Trading Is a contract in which one party Called the seller Transfer the ownership of property to the other party. Called the buyer And the buyer agrees to use the property price to the seller.

The American Marketing Association (AMA)

Selling refers to the process of analyzing the needs and wants of the prospective. And help to discover the need Discovering the need to be satisfied with the purchase of products and services offered by sellers is a business activity that everyone sees on a daily basis as consumers or shoppers, such as buying food. Eat in school Buy snacks and drinking water As well as using the bus service from home to school Such activities are all purchasing situations.

Sales are characterized by their ability to persuade and persuade. Or use the art of selling as a key Sales are caused by internal behavior such as thoughts Popularity, preference, satisfaction, willingness of buyers etc. Therefore, the seller has many qualifications and knowledge, such as basic operations and direct sales. Psychological resistance to adapt to customers Preparation before performing sales And operations after the end of the sale Therefore, operators must focus on sales as a key. Aside from the business having products ready for sale With customers aiming for an important goal of sales There are not enough sales personnel to support the sales. There is a sales art that the sellers use during the sales process. To achieve the target set.

There are 2 types of business activities involved in trading, which are products and services. These two types of products are distinctly different: products that can be seen Tangible or touchable As for the product, the service cannot be seen. Tangible The offering of products and services is therefore different.

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