Mauritania Detail


  • Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Islamic Republic of Mauritania
  • The territory of Mauritania consists of Berber, Moorish and many nomadic tribes. There Migration and travel of various ethnic groups, both from the Sahara region, the Middle East and from other regions of Africa (black)
  • France occupied Mauritania in the 19th century and Mauritania was It was officially established in 1904 and became a part of the French colony in West Africa in 1920 until it gained independence in 1960
  • an area of ​​1,030,700 square kilometers
  • Fighting Each Chakorn 3.8 million people official languages, Arabic, French, Islam (Sunni) 100%
  • politics – Governing in the presidential system using the French style In which the President appoints the Prime Minister and the Cabinet The legislative assembly consists of two Houses.
  • Mauritania is divided into 12 regions (wilaya) and 1 other capital city
    are Nouakchott capital city, Main industries, fish processing, oil production Mining of iron, gold, copper and gypsum
  • Major Export Products Iron Ore Fish and Fish Products Gold, Copper and Oil
  • Ukiah is Currency in the country