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Morocco has a monarchy from the middle of the 17th century until in 1912, King Mawlay Abdelhafid was obliged to sign the Treaty of Fez, which gave France and Spain complete power. In morocco Morocco is therefore designated as one of the Protectorate regions of France and Spain. However, in 1956, Morocco gained independence. King Mohammed V re-established the Alawi dynasty. The current Moroccan monarch is King Mohammed VI, who passed away from King Hassan II in 1999, when he lived for 36 years.

The current government of Morocco is a democratic system with a monarchy. And the prime minister is the chief executive By dividing the administrative area into 15 regions. Moroccan uses Arabic as an official language. The most commonly used foreign language is French. In addition, there are local dialects. Most people believe in Islam.

In that economy Primary industry Phosphate rock mining and processing Leather goods, textile, construction, tourism. Major imported products Crude petroleum, textiles, telecommunications equipment, wheat, gas and electricity, plastics. Important export products Clothing Electronic Devices Inorganic chemicals, fertilizers (phosphates), minerals, petroleum products I citrus, lime, vegetables, fish.

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