Qualifications of salespeople

Qualifications of salespeople

  1. Each employee must have a clear dream in themselves. Dreaming of seeing yourself succeed in your chosen career
  2. Employees must have a passion for things to do. Love your career Have real intentions to pursue a career
  3. Aim Clear goal In daily work
  4. work plan
  5. Hard work, patience, dedication and diligence
  6. Prepare yourself. Prepare yourself to be ready before working with others.
  7. High responsibility to oneself and to the team
  8. Compete with yourself
  9. Be honest with yourself and others
  10. Working 150% of the planned
  11. Discipline and punctuality Know how to save time
  12. Pay attention to the details of the work
  13. Desire to learn and know Find more knowledge
  14. Being cute, not arrogant, not self-conscious Friendly
  15. Humility
  16. Win oneself by self-management
  17. Have confidence in yourself.
  18. Open minded and accepting different opinions
  19. To honor and keep promises with yourself and others regularly.
  20. Dare to say what is true With the right method
  21. Being consistent in seeking knowledge Job understanding In the business of the organization
  22. Commitment
  23. Know Time Management
  24. Concentrate on work
  25. Eliminate your weaknesses And learn the strengths that will be strengthened
  26. Learn from being a “professional” and a professional looking for knowledge from better people. For self improvement
  27. Find experience, exchange knowledge, and experience with colleagues from different organizations
  28. Be creative and open the world
  29. There are various working styles, not attached
  30. Dare to admit wrong From one’s own actions Without condemning the situation Or other people And take mistakes as lessons
  31. Be prepared for changes
  32. Do all roles and duties to the best.
  33. Have a role model or role model for inspiration
  34. Trust in leaders and colleagues
  35. There is a transfer of knowledge to colleagues.
  36. Life Long Learning
  37. Continuous improvement of one’s potential
  38. Hold on to common values ​​and culture of the organization.
  39. Synergy
  40. Pride in yourself and organization

Good qualifications of salespeople that employers desire
Salespeople have an important part to be presenters for customers. Therefore, salespeople who are generally desirable by employers. Therefore has the following

  1. Reliable refers to the qualifications of a salesperson whose employer has confidence and trust in their work that must be achieved without any control. The work must be able to finish on time and achieve the desired goals.
  2. Good Memory – good salesperson must be a person with good memory, able to remember the name and face of every customer that has seen it. Able to call customer name correctly which is to honor the customers Customers will be satisfied and friendly with the salesperson.
  3. Honesty is a very important quality that salespeople must have for everyone. The honesty of the salesman will bring trust and make everyone around you want to associate with
  4. Alertness: Salespeople must be alert to various situations at all times by tracking various movements. That occur in the present, then study for solutions
  5. Good judgment means the ability to respond to a decision or to choose between two possibilities. Or more correctly suitable for the time and situation
  6. Arithmetic Ability All salespeople need to have some mathematical ability or skills. For use in calculating percentages
  7. Imagination means the ability to use experience by developing into a new idea. Then used to deal with problems that occur Or creativity used to work To create new sales to attract the attention of customers

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