The Baltic State Detail

The Baltic states: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. The Baltic states are bounded on the west and north by the Baltic Sea, which gives the region its name, on the east by Russia, on the southeast by Belarus, and on the southwest by Poland and an exclave of Russia.

Medieval baltic states The indigenous people initially opposed Christianity until the year 1193. Pope Celeste III persuaded the revolutionary crusaders to suppress the old Prussians, Lithuanians and tribes. Others that are settled in Estonia, Latvia and East Prussia. This is a period of war called the Baltic Crusades.

After the Northern Crusade William of Modena, as the papal legate, resolved the conflict between the crusaders in Livonia and Prussia. By dividing the land between the crusades in Livonia and the Livonian Brotherhood of Swords Created a state of five states that are governed by a brotherhood And the other four states ruled by Prince Muk Prime

  • Rath Akaramukkamriga
  • Ratthamukkhurakulland
  • Dorsett State
  • Ratthamuk Prime Minister Essel-Meek

The territory ruled by the Danish Crusaders was attached to Denmark as the Duchy of Estonia until it became part of the Thirty-Knight State in 1346.

In Prussia William of Modena then divided the land between the Knights and the state into 4 states:

  • Ratthamuk Prime Kulm
  • Ratthamuk Prime Pomerania
  • Ratthamuk Prime, Ermeland
  • Ratamuksamol Sumatra under the state of Akamukkam Riga

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