The Concept of Marketing

The concept of marketing ( marketing concept) means ” The organization uses all efforts to create satisfaction for customers. In order to achieve sales and profits in the end. ” In the past, the concept of marketing was an old style that focused on production. There are few manufacturers. Product demand over the goods produced or demand ( demand clips) is greater than the supply (supply) Later, when mass production ( Mass Production) product costs low. The market is expanding. Economic prosperity is expanding more and more businesses are turning their attention and focusing on marketing. Changed the marketing concept to the marketing concept, focusing on social marketing (societal marketing concept)The marketing concepts that businesses and organizations have adhered to and practiced in the past and present. To achieve marketing objectives In which the following describes each concept, arranged in order from the concept that came first The marketing concept is ” The organization uses all efforts to create satisfaction for customers. In order to ultimately achieve sales and profits. “

The evolution of marketing concepts are divided into 5 concepts as follows:

1. The concept focuses on production

It is the oldest concept of sales. By thinking that consumers are happy to buy only the products they like easily and at a low cost Therefore, the marketing function is to improve production in large quantities under the lowest production costs. Almost all manufactured products can be sold. Demand ( Demand service) or demand for the goods to be consumed is greater than the supply ( the Supply) , the amount of an offer to sell the product to market.

This production-oriented marketing concept is based on the fact that consumers consider buying with satisfaction in low-priced products and easy to find Marketers have to improve production. To reduce costs and distribute thoroughly Which will be a seller’s market or a monopoly market.

2. The concept focuses on products

Due to the result of focusing on low-cost production To get a lot of products Which the products produced and sold are not different Both in terms of quality and price, resulting in oversupply. Therefore, marketers must try to find ways to differentiate their products from competitors. By improving the product to have better quality and appearance compared to the price To make a difference, this marketing concept is based on the principle that consumers are satisfied with the products they have. Quality and appearance The best when compared to the price, therefore must improve the quality and develop better than competitors.

3. The concept focuses on the sale

This is concept that gives importance to sales activities Due to many competitors in the market Have developed products to be of equal quality as well as when consumers consider the necessity of using the product That is, consumers will buy only the products that are needed and meet the needs only. Marketers must therefore encourage consumers to continually buy more products. The way to stimulate consumer demand is to rely on salespeople as product presenters. Businesses try to improve sales methods. With training on sales techniques for salespeople There are marketing promotions in various fields such as sales promotion with free giveaways. News dissemination. Arranging activities to make consumers interested And make a purchase. Sales-oriented marketing concepts Will stick to the principle that consumers will only buy products when needed Marketers must try to improve the sales department to be effective. By selecting talented employees in the field of sales techniques By trying to find new ways to sell.

4. The concept focused on marketing

An idea that the business gives more importance to consumers By starting with the analysis of the needs of consumers first and creating satisfaction for consumers. And then use the information to produce as a product To meet the needs of consumers the most. Which is a change to the old concept that focuses only on production When there are a lot of products then sell them to consumers Businesses therefore need to find as much marketing information about consumers as possible and then use the information to produce. Marketing concepts that focus on marketing that will stick to the principle that consumers will buy products too Satisfaction apart from product quality Marketers therefore have to do market research. Consumer behavior research Then use the information to produce products or improve products to be effective and meet the needs In order to create satisfaction for consumers, which are different with different sales concepts

5. The concept focus on social marketing

A modern concept that today’s business is interested in And used as a guideline for business operations At the same time, consumers are of the opinion that businesses should provide services to society in various ways, not just to meet the needs of consumers in order to achieve business goals only. But it should be steamed to social responsibility, such as not producing inferior products. Does not damage the environment Including economical use of resources By practicing the 3 R’s is.

Re-fill = production of refilled products Resulting in saving material for packaging production

Re-use = the production of packaging products that can be reused or recycled.

Recycle = Use of packaging made from paper or plastic. Produced from used materials and then re-manufactured

Social oriented marketing concepts Will stick to the principle that current business operations must be coupled with various activities that make consumers view the business optimistic as business entrepreneurs for society, concern for society and environment.

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