The essence of trade period

The essence of trade period in Thailand can be summarized as follows:

Sukhothai period

The nature of trade is a free trade system. Trade set up shop in a row to be the same group or are in line with the market, the weave ( Bazaar,) today called Mall. Foreign trade with China, Chinaware trade King Ramkhamhaeng brought the Thai mechanic to the Thai expertise.

Ayutthaya period

Trade is a monopoly system. The King has done most of the work himself. Domestic trade is the taxation of monks in the warehouse, the highest prosperous trade in the land. King Narai the Great Foreign trade Portugal was the first European nation. Entry Match with the reign of King Ramathibodi II. Products that are traded include local products such as rice, pepper, tin, cow leather, deer skin, fang wood, betel. Thai products imported from foreign countries are silk, flannel, chintz, rifle, liquor, and wares. a bowl And miscellaneous items.

Samai Thonburi

There is a period of only 15 years and is in the process of salvage and rehabilitation after the war. Combined with having a constant battle with Myanmar Trading is not thriving. There is a junk from China to trade and other nations, namely England, India and Malaysia.

Trade in Rattanakosin Period

The nature of the trade between Rama 1 and Rama 3 was monopoly. The trade belonged to the government called the state commercial system until Rama 4. Was canceled because of diplomatic relations with various countries. A collection of three seizures a Treasury Department of the Navy in the latter. 5 have been set up towers prosperity fiscal year 2416 as a central office to collect the benefits of trade. There is a trade organization by the warehouse to take care of certain products such as weapons, weapons, local products that are few and find medicine. Have trade with foreign countries Products that Thailand exports include iron, tin, copper, lead, teak, wood, Fang, rice, sugar, pepper, tobacco. Imported goods include silk, tea, paper, dolls, wool, clothing. Glassware and the monopoly system has been terminated as a free trade Resulting in the trade progressing rapidly.

Current trade conditions

Promoting a free economy Attach importance to investment and technology Promote international trade Increase the role of government in promoting private investment. Focusing on industrial development, especially the export industry.

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