The Saxon King Story History

The Saxon King who the invader from Danes.

  • After the Saxon tribe took over the island of Britain. Were divided into various kingdoms And with Christian conversion
  • Alfred was the King of the Kingdom of Wessex during the Wessex Dynasty. And became the first Western Saxon King around 886 – 26 October 899.
  • In March 871, Ethel Red passed away. Alfred ascended the throne of Wessex after his brother.
  • Later, the Vikings The Danes originate from the Danish part, who have now invaded Britain. And seized some kingdoms of the British Isles, east of the Isle of Britain, called Dawn Law
  • While the Dens occupy the rest of England, in 876, under the new leader Guthrum the Old, the Dens secretly attacked the British army and attacking Veraem in Dorset.
  • Later, in the year 877, while Alfred pretended to negotiate, Dens returned to attack and attempt to occupy Exeter in Devon, but Alfred was able to close the position while The fleet of the Dens crashed into a storm that they had to lose and retreated to Mircea.
  • In January 878, the Dens returned and attacked the stronghold of Chippennum and was the residence of Alfred during the unknown. Until retreating to Etheley at Easter (Anglo-Saxon chronicles)
  • When King Alfred pretends to be a musician in order to investigate the attack on England in the camp of the Elder Guthrum The result of this action led to the Battle of Edington near Westbury in Wiltshire. Alfred was absolutely victorious. According to Asser’s words The Dens people accept the power of Alfred. Gutharum and 29 other leaders accepted baptism after signing the Treaty of Wedmore. After the signing, England was divided in two. The south side is under the rule of the Crusaders. And the northern regions, including London, known as “The Dawn Law” was under the rule of Viking in the following year, 879 BC, both the Kingdom of Wessex and the Kingdom of Mercia in the west without invaders Watling Street.

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