Blue Eye in Ethiopian Boy

A boy with beautiful eyes like jewels in a photographer meets in ‘Ethiopia’. From beauty caused by physical abnormalities from the birth of children which has name called ‘ Wardenburg Syndrome ‘is a disorder in the development of pigment genes that cause the ‘pigment’ on the black eyes to change to other color.

From data in the National Public Health Agency of the United States found that the disease is very rare in 40,000 people will have the opportunity to meet only 1 person. This boy is called Abushe. He lives with his parents in the hut in a small village somewhere in southern Ethiopia when Abushe opened his eyes and woke up to see the world. His parents were afraid that his own son would be blind and have no chance to see this world like other children. His family was unable to take Abushe to see a doctor to treat on his eyes but when he grew up, the family realized that this boy could actually see as normal. So they believe that his strange and unique eyes are something that ‘God’ gave as a gift.

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