Good qualifications of the sales staff

Good qualifications of the sales staff that the customer desires

  1. Honesty: Customers want salespeople to be honest with themselves. In offering products to customers without deceiving consumers
  2. Sincerity: Customers want salespeople to have the truth to help and solve problems for customers always with sincerity.
  3. Service Mind: Customers want the sales staff to be willing and willing. Both service before sales During the sale And after sales etc.
  4. Punctuality Is quite important to salespeople Because it can build trust for customers And punctuality as appointed to impress customers
  5. Having a good feeling for work Salespeople must build love and faith in their sales career. If the sales person is trustworthy in the profession, it will make the customer trust.
  6. Good human relations Having a good sales person relationship will make the customer feel friendly with the sales person.
  7. Good personality In most cases, good composing Good looking Be polite Will allow customers to meet with customers
  8. Ability to use questions and answers Which will lead to the solution of customer needs Therefore, the salesperson must use words that are polite, so that customers are happy to answer that question well.
  9. Ability to chat A good salesperson must have the ability to talk well with customers and be ready to chat with customers on all matters.
  10. Have confidence in yourself. A salesperson with good self-confidence will make customers trust in the salesperson. And leads to the trust of products and services as well
  11. Beaming Is a very important feature Due to salespeople performing sales tasks with only smiling faces
  12. Leadership means leaders are able to make decisions in sales because customers need to ask certain questions about a product when they want to buy a product.
  13. Having good ethics for customers. Salespeople must keep in mind that customers are the most important person in making a business successful.

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