Techniques to Win Customers’ Hearts

Techniques to win customers’ hearts

Sales professionals must know to create charm for themselves. In order to win the hearts of customers to make a purchase Sales people will create a charm for themselves, must improve themselves in the following areas.

  1. Personality: Having a good personality Suitable for the sales profession, that is, dress well with society Reliable, sincere, witty, good memory
  2. Do not attack other people or competitors. Good salespeople have a professional code of ethics that they must work with all colleagues. Responsible
  3. Create friendliness for everyone. Good salespeople have friendly characteristics. Having good human relations with customers will also have good friendships with customers.
  4. Dare to take responsibility for what is done Sales career is a profession with dignity. The salesperson will be responsible for the actions. Winning customers is not an easy task. But it is not a problem that cannot be resolved If any salespeople have real intention With perseverance Endure various obstacles Success in winning the hearts of customers is possible, so salespeople must be well-versed in their career.
    1. Regarding the sale of goods The sales person is responsible for recommending Consult with customers about products and services. In order to get the right information and enough to make the decision to buy
    2. Know about business affairs. The salesperson is the company’s representative. The ability to win the hearts of customers is at the sales person, so sales people are considered important people of all types of business. What is theirs in order to be able to fulfill their duties to that policy successfully. While also creating confidence for customers as well Policy for customers to use quality products. The company or business must find a way to produce products that are acceptable to society standards. And mainly considering the safety of consumers. Rules and regulations Each salesperson must respect the rules set forth by the Business Affairs or the Company. In order to operate efficiently Some rules may have a positive effect on sales, for example, allowing salespeople to use their rights to reduce product prices by 5-10 percent, which can then be used as discounts for their customers.
    3. Know about customers Customers are the most important person in the salesperson. To win the hearts of customers The salesperson must know what the customer is. What do you think Like or dislike anything In order to find a way to meet the needs correctly Because each customer is different, the way to offer to win the favor of each customer will be different as well. If knowing customers in all areas The salesperson will be able to use a variety of methods, including resolving immediate situations such as
    – Customers who like to fickle Is a person who does not believe in himself Easy to change. Waiting for a decision from others. The salesperson must know what or who has the most influence on the client’s decision. What is his greatest desire? In order to use this information to present sales goals that meet At the same time, employees must use techniques. Speak briefly but get the message. Offer only the benefits of the customer.
    – Impatient customers Is a customer that shows emotions easily Staff must have techniques, namely to use patience, cool emotions, to show acceptance of customers’ ideas. Use gestures that are calm But always looking for opportunities to respond to comments that are useful to customers at all times
    – Clients like to argue Is a type of customer who likes to pretend to be self-superior, know more More talented In which to suppress the salespeople just to be important, the salespeople must be patient Show appreciation for the knowledge and ability of customers. Will help customers accept the straightforwardness of the salespeople
    4. Know about competitors Having a competitor is like having a tonic for salespeople to work more actively to sell products. Sales professionals must know who they are currently competing with. What are the potential competitors? How much is the market possession, how is their product better or not better than ours? What are the strengths of the disadvantages? How they use it, etc.

These things, salespeople must know and must find a solution to present the strength of their own product And bring to respond to customers who will Buy products as intended. Having this knowledge of good sales Will enable salespeople to analyze customers properly, using methods that attract or create a client’s right focus Is a technique to build trust and trust Venerate And accept the products that will be offered from the salespeople Regarded as another way to win customers’ hearts.

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