Himeji Castle, Japan

Himeji Castle is a Japanese castle located in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture. It is one of the oldest surviving buildings left of the bombing of World War II and the massive earthquake of Han Qing in 1995. Humeji Castle was honored by UNESCO as The World Heritage Site and the National Treasures of Japan in December 1993 are considered one of the three most beautiful castles in Japan, while the other two are the Matsumoto Castle. And Kumamoto Castle It is also the most visited castle in Japan. The Japanese are called. “Castle of the Grass”, or Hakura, which is derived from the exterior of the castle, which is bright white. At present, Himeji Castle is registered as a national treasure of Japan and World Heritage.

Attractions around the castle.

  1. Door of Hisin – is the largest gate that survives in the Aichi Prefecture.
    Sankokun Mud – A deserted moat within the gates of Higis is at the prime location of the main street, Nino Maru. The castle, which looks out from this beautiful spot, is perfect for taking pictures!
  2. The tower of Nisin Maru and the long corridor (Hyderama Terrace) – Nimimaru was built for Honda. Tokeda and Princess signed to live peacefully. To prevent weaknesses of the Himeji Castle shape. It has built a strong window fence structure. The tower throws rocks at the enemy. The structure has a large wooden door, cross section and no overhang. In addition to the south gate, the samurai gather before the battle. The park on the west side of the tower is a peaceful and bright courtyard.
    Small guard tower – A point to attack the final enemy at the entrance to the main castle. It is the same structure as the East Tower, with the throwing stones attacking the enemy and the window.
  3. The main castle – view from the outside is seen as 5 floors, but inside there is a basement and a 6 storey floor where the top floor is adorned with the shape of a whale. The killer whale is a seagull that was imagined with a tiger’s head and thorns on its back being adorned on the castle’s roof as a fire shield. Originally, the tower was meant to be a vision far beyond which it evolved. Observatory “The height of the tower is 30m (90m from sea level). The tower sustains the great tower of two towers, 2 meters in diameter, deep from the basement up to the 6th floor. In addition, Himeji Castle has a special feature with the tower linking the sub-tower with the main castle.
  4. Umemaru – A point of Honmaru, the owner of Ikeda Teru Masa Castle. There was a guest lounge where the castle owners and visitors met.
  5. Gatekeeper · Himeji Armor Unit · Ninja Appearances – Appearances at the castle’s inaugural weekend. Within Himeji Castle, there will be a gatekeeper. Armor units and ninjas appear to be a souvenir for photographers.

Address: 68 Honmachi, Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture 670-0012 Japan. (+81) 79-285-1146
Opened Hours: from 9:00 am – 16:00 pm
Architecture: Japanese architecture
Admission fee: Adults (age 18 Up) 1,000 Yen, elementary school ~ 300 yen high school, elementary school children: free of charge (group price of 30 or more, 20% discount)

Getting there:

  • By train: From JR or Sansi Himeji Railway Station 15 minutes
  • By bus: Take the bus at sign “Himeji Joao Mae” and walk 5 minutes.

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