Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido is Japan’s 2nd largest island, the largest province and the northernmost of the country. Between Honshu and Hokkaido, there is a strait that is connected by the Shinkansen railway tunnel. This is a romantic land in the north part of Japan and full of nature views. It is a new northern island that has been fully opened for more than 140 years ago. This may not be as cultural as in other parts of Japan but still have famous place as natural attractions. Hokkaido is rich land surrounded by the sea and can produce a lot of foods and this island known as “Treasure of foods” and the island have lowest temperature than other areas. Most of their area during the winter season about minus 10 degrees.

The capital city of Hokkaido is Sapporo, the second is Hakodate in the south. and Asahikawa city in the middle of the island. The country’s main industry is the production of light energy, beer. The majority of the population is in the service sector. Although Hokkaido is a city that focuses on agriculture and industry Is a province that has many natural attractions Suitable for skiing and soaking in mineral springs

There are several prominent tourist attractions in the island as follows as:

1. Sapporo

Sapporo is the main city and main attraction of Hokkaido with the center located in Odori Park. It has a large TV tower within the city and in the beginning of February each year. There will be a snow festival which will display snow sculptures of various landmarks around including cartoon characters by carving snow and ice.

2. Otaru

Otaru is an important and prosperous port city in Hokkaido. There is a very fresh sushi street and the old canal area.

3. Hakodate

Hakodate City was the first port of Japan in accordance with the Allied Treaty of America and Japan in 1854. The city also have night view in Hakodate area. It is regarded as a nighttime view with beautiful place in one-third of the world compare with Naples and Hong Kong.

4. Furano
Furano is a very beautiful natural attraction in Hokkaido. There is a magnificent view of the Tokachi Mountains and Mt. Taitetsu which is more than 2,000 meters tall. There are interesting places such as dairy farms, viewing in the middle of Furano, the lavender garden which blooms during late June to late July and Sounkyo is a hot spring resort.

5. Kushiro ans Akan

There are interesting places including Kushiro city which is the center of the eastern side of Hokkaido. It is primarily a fishing industry as “Kushiro Wetland”, large national park with an area of ​​over 26,861 hectares and many animals. This is including the Japanese crane which is a conservation in animal and there are also beautiful lakes such as lake Kussharo, lake Mashu and lake Akan.

6. Asahikawa City

Asahikawa located in the center of the island to the northeast of Sapporo. It takes about an hour and a half by express train from Sapporo and from Asahinah to the east. There are many attraction to visit as Densetsu-san National Park with Mineral Water pond.

7. Abashiri

8. Noboribetsu

9. Toya

10. Shiretoko

11. Biei

12. Wakkanai

13. Chitose

14. Monbetsu

15. Nemuro

16. Obihiro

17. Niseko

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