Osaka Castle in Osaka, Japan

Osaka Castle located at 1-1 Osakajo, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 540-0002, Japan. Osaka Castle was built in the 1640s by the goddess Daimyo Hidayoshi Tokiyou. The castle is surrounded by huge granite walls. And a large ditch To prevent invasion from the enemy. Each stone is stacked firmly and firmly, without breaking the stone. After the death of Hideyoshi, the castle was stripped down by Tokugawa’s army and ended up with the Toyo-Japanese family in 1997. The restoration was a huge one and improve the interior. It is a museum about the history of the castle and the story of Daimyo Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who initiated the construction of the Castle Castle, there are all seven famous ancient Osaka.

Osaka Castle is one of the important landmarks in Osaka and is one of the main tourist spots that anyone visiting Osaka must travel here too. The castle tower will consist of 8 floors. The castle tower is surrounded by concrete stone walls, moats and Nishinomaru Garden, which is on the way to Tok Tok. There are over 600 cherry blossom trees in April, making it a famous cherry blossom viewing spot because the backside of this garden is a very beautiful view of Osaka Castle.

Osaka Castle was built in 1583 instead of Ishiyama Honganji Temple which was destroyed by Oda Nobunaga about 30 years before Osaka Castle Constructor Tomomi Hideyoshi, the creator of the castle, intends to make this castle the new center of Japan under his rule. After completion, it became Japan’s largest castle at that time. But after Hideyoshi died a few years The castle was attacked and destroyed by Tokugawa’s soldiers. And the castle was rebuilt again in 1620, but later the tower of the castle was struck by lightning and fire. In 1665, it was renovated both inside and outside. Until now, a lift has been built so that it is easier to see the castle and museum above.

The Osaka Castle History

In year 1583, Toyama Prefecture Yokohama City Hideyoshi ordered the construction of Osaka Castle, the Temple Ishikawa Yamagata Hong together. By drawing from the castle, it’s Zeus , the headquarters of Oda Nobunaga Toyama Prefecture Yokohama requirement. The castle was build like an Asushi castle But in the end, became more prominent The main tower has 5 floors and 3 more basements with gold leaves on the side of the castle. Making the castle stand out in a beautiful and impressive manner in 1585, when the castle was completed Toyotomi then started a castle expansion plan to prevent enemy invasion. Until in the year 1597, construction was completed and Hideyoshi died. The castle became the son of Hideoyashi , Toyotomi Hideyori.

In the year 1600, Tokugawa Ieyasu conquered the enemy inBattle of Sekigahara And establishing government Fung Ku Tokyo at Edo in the year 1614 Tokugawa’s forces began attacking hide yo’s in the winter until well into battle. The siege of Osaka. Although Toyotomi’s forces were almost half that of Tokugawa’s forces but was able to resist the 200,000 troops of Tokugawa and preserve the city walls. In the summer of 1615, Hideoy initiated another layer of digging in the outer moat. Tokugawa then sent his troops to attack Osaka Castle again and was able to penetrate the military forces of Toyotomi into the city walls. On June 4, Osaka Castle became Tokugawa. Wa And the Toyotomi family came to an end.

In the year 1620. Tokugawa Hideagada Shogun, the second person of the Tokugawa familyRestored and rebuilt Osaka Castle Elevated the tower to the outside, there are 5 floors, inside there are 8 floors, the construction of a new wall in honor of each Samurai family. The walls in those days still exist and taking stones from the Seto Inland Sea and engraved on the crest with the name of the family dedicated to the construction of these walls.

In 1660 a lightning incident occurred at the arsenal as a result. To explode and fire the castle, then in the year 1665 lightning caused the main castle to be damaged and collapsed. After being abandoned for a long time The Baku government wanted to repair the castle, which had much to do in 1843. The government then raised the money from the local people to build a neck again. In 1868, Osaka Castle was surrounded by emperor forces against the Baku government And the castle was burned down during the civil war Reform of the SPD.

Later, the Meiji government established the Owaka Castle as an arsenal to produce guns. Weapons and grenades in order to expand the Japanese military capabilities in the style of the West. In 1928, the main tower was rebuilt after the Osaka Municipal Government managed to raise a large amount of money. During the period if World war 2, the arsenal has become an important weapons production facility in Japan, with over 60,000 workers and is also a target for allied air strikes. Causing the Osaka Castle to be severely damaged at the end of the war on August 14, 1945 due to the massive bombing The arsenal damaged 90 percent and 382 people died.

In 1995, Osaka Municipal Government started the Osaka Castle Restoration Project again. With the outside still being the Edo period The restoration plan was completed in 1997. The castle is very modern. There are elevators installed inside and there are many modern facilities.

Open Hours: From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m
If you have Osaka Amazing Pass then will be free admission. Other than that will be 600 Yen for admission Fee.

How to get there:

By train:

  • Use Osake subway train then get off at Morinomiya station or Osakajokoen Station

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