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Modern Family S11 Episode 6

Episode 6: When Upset

Claire has been upset recently. The group of people in the company are like no brains, no one is reliable. Early in the morning on Saturday morning, I have to help them with the aftermath and call to teach them what to do. Unexpectedly, it is rare for Luke not to sleep in, come to discuss with his parents about dropping out. Claire became angry as soon as she heard it, and the Phil family did not have the habit of giving up halfway. Although Hayley gave up halfway through high school, and Alex Antarctic expedition also withdrew halfway, but it couldn’t stop Claire’s determination to swear Luke to complete college.

Luke dropped out to start a partnership with a man named Scout. Upon hearing this name, Claire decided that he was a slippery and impetuous guy. Phil originally wanted to support his son. After all, Jobs and Gates, the richest men, were not college graduates. But Claire insisted on a united front, and Phil had to put on a stern look.

In the afternoon, Scout came to visit. Claire was surprised to find that he was a mature and stable venture capitalist. He was a frequent visitor to the club, so he knew Luke. Scooter has more than 20 investments, three of which are also listed. Under his guidance, Luke made a complete plan to demonstrate how the self-developed app can automatically recognize and fill in various medical forms. And more than 90% of the clinics visited by Luke have agreed to try the app.

Even so, Phil refused. Luke couldn’t figure out why his father was so unreasonable, so he looked at his mother for help. Phil only waited for his wife to stab him cruelly, completely extinguishing Luke’s hope. Unexpectedly, Blair changed his previous attitude and expressed his support, which made Phil a villain in vain.

Claire also figured it out. Instead of going all the way to the dark, it is better to change as soon as possible. So, after she agreed to Luke’s withdrawal from school, she also had the idea of ​​resigning and stopped wiping the mentally handicapped group.

Cameron has also been annoying recently. In each competition, the school’s dolphin mascot will learn his movements next to him. The exaggeration of his actions made the audience laugh, but Cameron felt that he was undermining his authority and made him unable to concentrate. Tomorrow, a headhunter from the University of Missouri will come to watch the game. Cameron doesn’t want to lose a great opportunity.

Mitchell wanted to help her husband solve this trouble, but there was nothing to do. The full-bodied legal provisions do not apply to restricting the mascot’s field behavior. On the way to the stadium, Mitchell suddenly saw a person wearing a chicken suit waving a billboard at the entrance of a roadside fried chicken shop.

In this way, a chicken “mascot” rushed into the arena and pounced on the “dolphins” dancing on the sidelines. Cameron saw the “chicken” waving his thin wings and patted the messing dolphin, he knew Mitchell was helping. He quickly concentrated, arranged tactics to the players, and won the game in one fell swoop. After returning home, I only saw Lily reading the book leisurely. Mitchell is waving the billboard outside the fried chicken shop at the moment, this is the price of clothing.

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