Benefits of Wormwood

Borapet Scientific name Tinospora crispa (L.) Hook. F. & Thomson is in the family Borapet. (MENISPERMACEAE)

Borapet herbs There are other local names that Chet Mun thorn (Nong Khai), the Chet Mun Yan or the Hua Hua Thao (Saraburi), Hang Rat (Ubon Ratchathani), Jung Jing or Khao Hor (Northern region) etc.

Wormwood is an ivy that can be found in dry evergreen forest Classified as Thai herbs that have medicinal properties

The popular part used to make medicine is the part of “Thao Phet Lot” because it is not too old or too young. And has a bitter taste But if it is an old vine it will dry out, not bitter, or if it is too weak, it will not be very bitter.

A wormwood is a soft, vine-climbing plant that wraps around a tree. Originated in Southeast Asia, in Thailand, can be found in every region But it is found in the area that is quite moist Benjaphant forest and in various evergreen forests which can be grown by oneself. Its distinctive feature is the bitter taste. Qualified as a drug to treat certain diseases.

Characteristics and components of wormwood

The trunk is a ivy-like vine with a round green color. If old, the color will be gray and have a thin yellow pulp, peeling out about 1-1.5 centimeters in length and more than 10 meters long. The vines will have a knot growing throughout the vine with small light green roots. The so-called air roots pierced the flesh of the yellow vine with a bitter taste.

The leaves will look like betel leaves. The base of the leaf edge is concave. The pointed leaves are dark green in accordance with the age of the leaves. The edges are quite smooth, except for the ends that are slightly wavy. On a leaf with small hairs Covered with leaf lines from the base of the 5-7 edge of the leaf edge, the leaves are soft green

Flowers , flowers, flowers, wormwood, are numerous small flowers on the same stalk. Stab the stem out of the axillary It is a gender-separated flower with 6 petals. The yellow petals in the middle of the stamens are white, and the stamens are 6.

The results are oval. Smooth skin The shell is quite thin. When still young, the fruit will be green. And will turn yellow to orange when it’s very old

The various benefits of wormwood

Usually, almost all components of wormwood can be used as medicines. But the part that has the most medicinal properties is The vine or stem itself. The various benefits of wormwood are as follows

Vine or stem has properties to help nourish the body and appetite. Reducing fever symptoms such as malaria, smallpox and boosting the body’s immunity, helping to quench thirst and help sweat from the body. Relieve heat in Is an elixir

Skin nourishing leaf Make the skin bright, glowing, nourishing, nourishing elements, tone and neck. Treatment of symptoms of bleeding in the brain, parasite, fever, help balance the body. Also helps to treat various skin diseases and rashes as well

The expectorant effect helps reduce coughs.

The root helps to nourish the uterus, detoxifying, reducing fever. Helps to detoxify the body and nourish the body very well.

In addition to medicinal properties Borapet can also be utilized for agriculture by extracting water from Borapet and then mixing it with water. Used to spray to repel pests

The bitter properties of wormwood

The bitterness of wormwood is rich in chemicals in the alkaloids. Dieters Substances in the group of amines, phenolic glycosides, etc., which have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, reduce fever, reduce blood sugar And improving heart function In addition, Thai medicine texts also say that Wormwood has the ability to nourish energy Makes you feel more appetite Relieves heat, thirst, bruises and burning pain. Helps expel fever and phlegm.

12 properties of wormwood Useful in the treatment of diseases

  1. Borapet helps to treat hematopoietic conditions as well. Research has found that wormwood has the ability to increase immunity in white blood cells. And has the ability to reduce tumor size by up to 85 percent
  2. Borapet contains chemicals in the alkaloids group. That has the ability to make the heart muscle pump well And can also help control blood sugar in the blood vessels Therefore good for the symptoms of diabetes
  3. Borapet has properties in treating high blood pressure patients. Because effective substances help reduce blood pressure, such as adenosine, saline, ethanol and hygienic. Which is abundant in the wormwood
  4. The benefits of wormwood help to nourish the elements. Is a blood tonic Improving the blood circulation system Glowing skin Helps to balance the skin to be smooth. The face is bright and fresh, with a glowing, watery, pinkish complexion.
  5. Borapet has high levels of antioxidants and has good antibacterial activity. Helps to slow down the deterioration of the skin Not old Or if mixed in with cosmetics to help treat acne as well
  6. The benefits of wormwood help to care for the scalp. Treatment of dandruff and nausea symptoms resulting in dark hair, reducing gray hair greatly. And can also solve the problem of split ends hair
  7. Borapet has a bitter taste, which is useful for appetite. Has mild laxative properties Help kill and drive the parasite Relieve flatulence.
  8. The properties of wormwood help to quench thirst, soothe the throat, relieve heat in fever, detoxify the body. Sweat and waste well Strengthens the immune system to make the body stronger.
  9. Borapet has a good expectorant or toxic effect. Makes breathing easier, resolving coughs and nourishing the throat and larynx, improving the use of voice. His voice grew more beautiful.
  10. Borapet has effects that help reduce abscess pain. Hemorrhoids Purulent and tetanus wounds can be effective in relieving inflammation.
  11. The benefits of wormwood help to treat skin diseases. Resolve allergic reactions because of the rash that occurs on the body.
  12. Borapet has properties to help treat oral ulcers. Keep your teeth strong If having a toothache, it will help alleviate the symptoms.

51 The properties of wormwood

  1. Borapet helps nourish the skin to be bright, fresh face (leaves)
  2. With antioxidants Helps to slow down aging.
  3. Benefits of wormwood Helps thicker hair and gray hair Hair loss will decrease. Which will be very effective for people with premature gray hair If taking wormwood powder, 600 mg per day for 1 month.
  4. The scalp itching, dandruff, scalp.
  5. Used to relieve thirst (vine, tree)
  6. Used as a tonic for nourishing the body (tree, leaves)
  7. Borapet properties are used as elixir (roots, trees, leaves) by using Borobet / Khoi seeds / Tubnus cauliflower / Pepper seeds / Bark bark In equal proportions, crushed into powder Mold into a bolus as the little finger tip Eaten before bedtime 2-3 tablets each time, or the wormwood can be sliced, dried, then ground into a bolus
  8. Helps to stay healthy Strengthen immunity (root)
  9. Borapet for weight loss (leaves)
  10. Used to treat leukemia (root)
  11. The properties of wormwood help to cure diabetes. Control blood sugar levels By using fresh, mature vine that is dried and ground into powder Bring to brew hot water, drink 1 spoon at a time, morning and evening (fresh vine, all parts)
  12. There are antihypertensive agents, including adenosine, salsolinol, higenamine (stem).
  13. Solve jaundice (every part)
  14. Helps to treat brain congestion (leaf).
  15. Helps appetite (root, tree)
  16. Relieve heat in (vine, tree)
  17. Borapet properties help to stop toxic heat in the body (root).
  18. Sweaty (vine)
  19. Helps to kill insects in the ear (vine)
  20. Fix the pyramid (vine)
  21. To cure fever, fever, smallpox, fever, fever (root, tree, leaves)
  22. Used to neutralize fever (root)
  23. Used as an antipyretic (vine, fruit) with the use of fresh vines about 30 grams, pounding, squeezing, drinking water. Or use boiling stew method (add 3 parts water, boil to 1 part), divided 2-3 tablespoons at a time before meals 2-3 times a day when fever Or the dried wormwood can be dried, grinded into powder or bolus.
  24. Solving the malaria by eating wormwood twice a day, consulate every day (vine)
  25. Fever for blood Resolve blood disability (beginning)
  26. Solving the complications while being smallpox (early)
  27. Help the melodious sound (leaves)
  28. Relieving phlegm poisoning (result)
  29. Helps to treat teeth (all parts)
  30. Relieve toothache (vine)
  31. Solving hiccups (beginning, result)
  32. Solve stomach disease by using 5 parts wormwood / 7 parts tamarind / 3 parts salt / moderately honey mixed together and eaten before meals 3 times
  33. Relieve flatulence (root)
  34. Hemorrhoids treatment (all parts)
  35. Treatment of urinary tract diseases (all parts)
  36. Solving the problem of uterus (root)
  37. Helps nourish bile (vine)
  38. Helps to drive the parasite (leaves)
  39. Helps to kill earthworms (vine).
  40. Helps to kill parasites in the stomach, in the teeth and in the ears (flowers).
  41. Relieve body aches (all parts)
  42. Relieving spasticity (all parts)
  43. Quench poisoning, burning pain (vine)
  44. Used to wash wounds caused by syphilis (vine)
  45. Helps to treat skin diseases (vine, leaves)
  46. Treatment of rash on the body (leaves)
  47. Tetanus treatment (all parts)
  48. Relieve pain, abscess (leaves)
  49. Solving smallpox poison (beginning)
  50. Mod ant abscess, abscess, abscess (all parts)
  51. Processed into wormwood capsules

How to eat wormwood

  1. Eating for fever can eat fresh, eat bolus. Or eaten in powder form with capsules If eating fresh, it should be squeezed with wormwood and then drunk. As for the making of bolus, the wormwood is dried and ground thoroughly. Mix with honey and mold. Eat 3 times a day. If it is in capsule form, you can buy it at any drugstore.
  2. Taking as an elixir Fresh wormwood pickled with liquor Eat 1 teaspoon at a time.
  3. Eating for appetite Should consume 2 live wormwood a day. Consul in addition to helping with appetite Also helps to increase the body’s immunity as well

Be careful when eating wormwood.

Pename of wormwood Or caution when eating For people with liver and kidney disease should not eat. Because wormwood has a bitter taste Even in general people should not eat for a long time because it can affect the liver and kidneys as well. Anyone who has already experienced symptoms of cold hands and feet, yellow eyes, body exhaustion and exhaustion should immediately stop eating and see a doctor. In addition, pregnant women and women who are breast-feeding should not eat either.

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